Which wireless earbuds of soundcore are best? — Sound core Christmas sale 2022

Which wireless earbuds of soundcore are best? — Sound core Christmas sale 2022


Tech Companies are selling reasonably priced products, especially high-quality brands like soundcores. Tech companies like soundcores are providing their customers with special Christmas offers. Soundcore is providing its lovers with jaw-dropping Christmas discounts on the latest products. So, in this perspective, Soundcore is set to provide the sales on its latest. This Christmas sale includes wireless earbuds, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, party Bluetooth speakers, etc. The discount is so amazing, making the prices affordable for the customers. We are here to introduce you to the wireless earbuds Bluetooth of the soundcore that are also available in the Christmas sale. These soundcore earbuds have premium qualities like hydrophobic premium quality with a long-lasting battery. These wireless earbuds are worth investing in because of the strong Bluetooth quality, as promised by the brand.

In this article, we are introducing you to the wireless earbuds bluetooth that can snugly fit in your ears — Life P3 earbuds.

Features of life P3 Bluetooth earbuds— available on the Christmas sale by soundcore:

These earbuds are leatherette, having the best sound quality. The layout is so good. The ergonomic features are so comfortable that it doesn’t make you fatigued while listening to music. It promises to provide an extraordinary experience of music with these earbuds. These are the wireless earbuds bluetooth because they have strong bluetooth features available as 5.0 bluetooth.

The playtime is 24 hours and is perfect for music lovers. This playtime is available with just a one-time charge. Playtime is one of the most appreciable features of any earbuds. The price is affordable and is further compensated because of soundcore discount sales. It has an active noise-cancellation feature. With this feature, you can listen to calls and music even in a crowded place. The following are some qualities of Life P3. These qualities are catching the mass attention of Christmas sales. These earbuds are wireless with the following qualities:

Earbud Weight:

The 4.5 grams of each earbud is appreciable, making them comfortable earbuds. The weight must be light, so the music experience feels the best.

Case Weight:

54.5 grams with individual earbuds and 63.5 grams with the earbuds.

Wireless Charging:

The Qi standards allow fast charging of the earbuds.

IP Rating:

The IPX5 rating makes them moisture-resistant and can be worn in the rain.

Active Noise Cancelation:

Active noise cancellation is available in these earbuds.


The drivers are 11mm in length.

Transparency Mode:

This mode is also active.

Single Earbud Mode:

It is also active.

Battery Life:

It promises to provide you with longer music spam. The 7 hours of playtime with earbuds and the 28 hours of playtime with the case make up a total of 35 hours.


The 5.0 strength is the strongest Bluetooth feature.


The AAC and SBC are available

Charging Cable:

The latest USB-C type charging port causes fast charging.

Charging Time:

It requires 2 to 3 hours for 100% charging.

Final Thoughts:

The Soundcore Life P3 is the best wireless earbuds with Bluetooth, which is also available during the Christmas sales. It has been made possible because of the strongest Bluetooth features. Grab your product from the official site at a discount price.

Oliver Thomas