Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Contact Lenses

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Best Contact Lenses

Tired of wearing those heavy glasses that are always sitting on your nose? Tired of the lines on your nose from the nose bridge of the glasses? Tired of losing your glasses as soon as you put them down on your table?

It is time that you consider switching to a more comfortable option than glasses. And the one-stop solution to all your problems related to glasses is lenses. But buying lenses requires a lot of care. It is not the same as purchasing glasses. It is something that actually goes inside your eyes and so you need to be careful in what type of lenses you are investing in.

There are many types and genres of contact lenses and you may get confused while looking at the variety. Contact lenses come in a broad and flexible range to suit everyone’s needs, choices, and preferences.

Some of the contact lenses are –

  1. Clear contact lenses – These lenses are soft and flexible and help you in solving your vision problems.
  2. Color contact lenses – These are pigmented contact lenses that change the color of the eyes. Although colored contacts price is expensive, they enhance your look. Buy the best colored eye contacts quality-wise as they can affect your vision.
  3. Toric contact lenses – These are made especially for people who have a condition called astigmatism. These are spherical and cylindrical powered lenses.

All these lenses are disposable – daily, monthly, and yearly.

Only having an understanding of different types of lenses is not enough. There are also some factors that you must consider before buying contact lenses.

  1. Eye Health

Contact lenses are meant to correct your vision. There are different types of eye conditions and the lenses required for these eye problems are also different. 

Common eye problems include –

  • Myopia – Also known as near-sightedness, this is a condition that allows the person to see near objects clearly but makes it difficult to see objects that are far. It makes the vision for far-placed objects blurry.

This condition may grow with age but can be treated with spherical lenses. People with myopia should go for clear contact lenses of their eye power.

  • Hyperopia – Also known as far-sightedness, this is an eye condition opposite of myopia. It allows the person to see distant placed objects clearly while making the near-placed objects blurry. It is a common condition in adults and makes them squint their eyes when focusing on nearby objects.

This eye condition can be treated with vision correction lenses. People suffering from this condition should go for clear contact lenses of their eye power.

  • Astigmatism – This is a problem in which the shape of the cornea is different from the normal one. In this condition, the curvature of the eye is imperfect and makes the person’s vision blurry and causing headaches, eye tiredness, and strain.

People with astigmatism choose cylindrical lenses that are toric lenses.

  • Modality

The modality of a contact lens is checked by an eye care professional based on the user’s routine.

In general, the lens which has to be disposed of daily is the healthy option. By using a daily disposable option, you use a fresh pair of lenses every day and reduce any chances of infection or eye irritation.

Let’s discuss the different duration lenses in detail –

  • Daily disposable lenses – These are the ones that are worn for a single day and are then disposed of. This type of lens does not require any kind of storage or care. If you are too last to go through the daily process of cleaning, disinfecting, and storing your lenses, then these are probably your best friends.

You must go for these lenses if you are trying lenses for the first time so that you know about side effects, if any, without investing in any other options.

  • Monthly lenses – These lenses are fit for a month’s use. These lenses can be worn for up to 10-12 hours and some can even be worn for 24 hours if you are awake all 24 of them.

These lenses need to be cleaned and stored in safe conditions; otherwise they become unfit to be worn again. Anybody having an active lifestyle like if you are involved in some kind of sports, then you must go for these lenses.

  • Biannual lenses – These lenses can be reused for six months. These are hard lenses and require regular care. If you are a regular wearer of the lens, then you can buy these lenses as they will cost less.
  • Yearly lenses – As the name suggests, these lenses can be worn and reused for one year and need regular maintenance.

Soft contact lens wearers can choose either the daily disposable ones or the monthly disposable lenses. All the lenses except the daily disposable ones should be cleaned after every use to remove any kind of impurity and stored safely in their box.

Follow the eye care routine recommended by your eye doctor.

  • Duration

Depending on factors like your screen time use, your traveling style, etc. your eye care practitioner will recommend the duration for which you can wear your lenses. Do not follow the time duration that suits anyone else when it comes to contact lenses. It varies for everyone.

The doctor will recommend the time and quality of the lens after looking at your lifestyle. If you wish to wear your lenses longer, then talk with your eye care doctor before making any decision by yourself.

  • Purpose

The purpose of your wearing contact lenses can affect your choice of contact lenses. For example, many people purchase contact lenses to correct their eye vision whereas many people wear best colored eye contacts to enhance their appearance.

Many people wear lenses to remove those bulky and heavy glasses from their faces and enhance their natural look. They can do this by going for clear contact lenses.

Wrapping Up

Contact lenses are the one-stop solution for those people who are tired of their heavy glasses and are looking for better options. You can also head to Lenskart, a popular brand, that serves you with some exceptional pair of eye contact. 

Check out their website and learn more about the brand!

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