9 Facts You Should Know Before Travelling To The UAE

In terms of travel, the United Arab Emirates is one of the greatest nations in the Middle East to visit, therefore anybody who claims they don’t like it is probably pessimistic. UAE is a must-see destination on any traveller’s bucket list since it is vivacious, lavish, beautiful, and dazzling, and yet it still maintains its simplicity, especially in the majority of its non-metropolises.

An air ticket from Delhi to Dubai is relatively inexpensive, so if you want to travel, you should buy your tickets right away. Here are the 10 most important things to know if you’re intending to visit the UAE anytime soon so that you may enjoy it to the fullest.

1. UAE is a place of the greatest man-made marvels

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There are locations like the UAE where there aren’t many natural marvels, however, they became a benchmark nation in terms of progress and efficient resource allocation because they built the finest man-made marvels in the world. Nothing in the United Arab Emirates will fail to astonish you, be it the Burj Khalifa, the biggest malls on earth, or the most extravagant hotels on earth.

2. UAE is a traditionally conservative Arab nation

The United Arab Emirates is a traditional Arabian nation with strict Islamic laws and rules. The following guidelines should be kept in mind while visiting the UAE: dress appropriately, avoid unwanted skin exposure, refrain from public displays of love, and refrain from consuming alcohol in public areas.

3. You just cannot return without experiencing the desert safari

It is claimed that visiting Dubai wouldn’t be complete without taking the renowned desert safari. In addition to the desert safari, visitors can also take part in photography of the sunset, 4×4 dune excursions, a barbecue meal with world cuisine in a tent designed to resemble a Bedouin settlement, as well as a night safari.

4. The weather is quite warm

Even if you are aware of how hot the UAE can be, you won’t really appreciate it until you visit, particularly if you are travelling during the summer. No matter what, remember to protect yourself with a hat, goggles, and SPF sunscreen before heading outside. If you have time to organise your vacation, visiting UAE in the cooler seasons is preferable.

5. This desert country also offers several of the most stunning beaches

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When we say that the UAE is a place with the finest sun, beach, and sea, we are not boasting. The nation is home to some of the calmest beaches. Although some of them are open, unrestricted public beaches, the others that are owned will provide you with the most opulent beach experience and outstanding service.

6. You underestimate how multicultural it is

Although it is undeniable that the UAE is historically an Islamic nation, particularly in its top tourist areas, it is also true that the nation is highly multicultural. Here, it’s simple to see people from all over the globe coexisting together. 85% of the population in Dubai alone is made up of foreigners, yet there has never been an incidence of communal violence there.

7. It may be the friendliest nation you have ever encountered

The UAE is renowned for its impeccable hospitality. In essence, individuals make every effort to guarantee that the care of their visitors is of the highest calibre since they are aware that the majority of their revenue now comes from the tourist business. You’ll want more of the conveniences, comforts, and luxuries.

8. It is a country rich in culture and customs

It is a fantastic location to discover more about Arabic customs and civilizations. The UAE is the ideal location to learn the intricate aspects of Arab customs and culture. The significance of Ramadan and iftar, as well as the heritage of the desert nation and its swift ascent to join the developed world, are more than simply intriguing; they are also motivational.

9. The UAE is a haven for foodies

Because the UAE is multicultural, the range of food is immense. There are numerous delicious foods that are unknown to many people. Chefs from many nations go to the UAE specifically to add authenticity to the cuisine.

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