According to a recent study, a hefty share of Gen Z’ers hope to open their own business within the next decade. Also according to recent studies, more than 20 percent of those who strike out on their own will fail. Knowing the odds are against them doesn’t seem to deter these would-be entrepreneurs, who are more drawn to the autonomy of running one’s own business than they are daunted by its risks. Freedom and adventurousness are the names of the game.  Calling one’s own shots, free from the demands of an employer, is the gold ring.

Since the world of a start-up can be complicated and fraught with difficulties, however, it’s no surprise a cottage industry has sprung up composed of people who set themselves up as mentors for hire. It’s also no surprise that among these are people whose objective is mainly to benefit themselves.  The would-be business owner thus has to pick and choose among a wealth of advisors knowing that selecting the right one can make the difference between success and failure.

Luke Alexander, founder of Closer Cartel, who grew up in Ohio under less than ideal circumstances, and who knows the value of honest, well grounded advice, is one of the good guys. Steeled rather than defeated by his hard upbringing, Luke set out on an entrepreneurial path at age 18, establishing a lead generation agency for realtors which, ultimately, bellied up. Undaunted by this, Luke soon began selling and consulting for established companies but in the end found this unsatisfying. What did speak to him was the world of the High Ticket Closer, someone who steps in toward the end of a deal already in progress and takes over the final stage of the selling process. The Closer’s job is to establish a relationship with the would-be consumer that allows the latter to get over the hump of whatever is impeding the deal. If the closer is successful, they receive a commission on the sale.

Luke was phenomenally successful at this.  At 20, he was making 30,000 dollars a month– a testament to his having the personal qualities necessary to succeeding in this profession: empathy, neutrality, reasonableness, and low-key conviction. Having proven his value, there was no reason Luke couldn’t continue as a High Ticket Closer and do even better than he was now doing. Yet he continued to feel restless. So at the age 22, Luke founded Closer Cartel, with two objectives in mind: to be his own boss, and to use the expertise he’d acquired to help other budding entrepreneurs find their way.

The service Closer Cartel provides to its students, of which the company now has thousands nationwide, is to acquaint them with techniques essential to closing high-ticket sales, whether for other companies or, potentially, for their own. The guiding principle is that once a student acquires these skills, they’ll be better able to perform existing jobs and better equipped to find new ones. What’s more, along with his advice, Luke’s students have Luke and his own experience as an example of where these techniques can go.

In the short time it’s been operating, Closer Cartel has already seen its business grow to 7 figures. This is not only because Luke’s insights have proven productive for his students but because they have spread into the industry as a whole, one where Luke is recognized as a straight shooter whose innovative ideas are based on honesty and transparency, which not always the case in the wide-open internet advice industry.

His success in this very competitive world however hasn’t made Luke content to stand still. He remains convinced that Closer Cartel is at just the beginning of a huge market, where it can continue to expand its presence and where Luke can build more and more fruitful relationships.  These will benefit Luke’s students as well as Luke himself,  increasing their potential job opportunities as Closer Cartel gains market share. So we see in Luke a person who, already a success at 22, has his sights set firmly on the future.

You can read more about Luke and his win/win philosophy at his website:

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