What’s J.R. Writer Doing Now? We Find Out!

What’s J.R. Writer Doing Now? We Find Out!

Everyone loves a comeback story, especially when that story involves someone overcoming drug addiction and reviving their career. J.R. Writer is the perfect example of this comeback tale because he was once one of hip-hop’s most promising stars before his life took a devastating turn. The writer plummeted to rock bottom after contracting HIV and becoming addicted to drugs in the late ‘90s, but he has since clawed his way back up and released new music in 2018. Keep reading for more about J.R. Writer’s comeback and what he’s been up to today as a result of it…

J.R. Writer’s Comeback Story

J.R. Writer first came to fame at the turn of the 21st century and released a few albums that were more or less universally acclaimed by critics and fans alike. He was an artist who seemed destined for greatness and had it all. Unfortunately, that’s not how things would turn out. Along with his success, the Writer also had a nasty drug addiction that would eventually lead him to contract HIV and taking his addiction to a whole new level. By the end of the ‘00s, J.R. Writer had been all but forgotten as a footnote of hip-hop history. He had disappeared from the spotlight and was out of the public eye for years, with his closest brush with fame being a stint on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab in 2009. It was during his time on the show that J.R. would go through the first of several rehabs that would serve as the catalyst for his long road to recovery.

How Did J.R. Writer Get Diagnosed With HIV?

For all intents and purposes, J.R. Writer’s life was over as soon as he was diagnosed with HIV. It’s a devastating diagnosis that every person who hears it wishes they could take back. The writer contracted HIV through dirty needles and had been HIV-positive for about two years before he was diagnosed. He didn’t tell anyone about his diagnosis, though, and continued to use drugs even though it was clear he was suffering. Eventually, he overdosed and nearly died as a result, which prompted the second of his two rehab stints, this one at Promises in Malibu. The writer entered rehab, got clean, and was on the path to a full recovery when he was arrested in connection with possession of methamphetamine, which he claims was planted on him. He was sentenced to a year in jail and was released in 2014. The experience was a transformative moment for the Writer, who says he was inspired to get back into music by the experience of performing in jail.

JR Writer Discography

The writer’s discography is a short one, which makes sense given that he only released two albums during his prime before he was derailed by drugs and HIV. His debut came in 1999 with The Gift, followed by The New Religion in 2002. The Gift came out when Writer was only 23 years old, and there are moments on it where you can hear the promise in his music. New Religion was a more streamlined album that was hailed as a classic by critics, and it’s still considered by many to be Writer’s best work.

Where Is J.R. Writer Now?

In the years since his last album, J.R. Writer has been through several rehabs, been arrested and released from jail, and has been living in obscurity in the South Carolina towns of Gaffney and Blacksburg. He’s been clean for a long time but was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C and has also been diagnosed with diabetes. The writer’s come a long way since his heyday and has gradually gotten his life back on track, but he was still very much a nobody during his time away from the spotlight. His story became famous again thanks to a New York Times article published in May of 2018. The article was a spotlight on Writer’s journey to recovery and featured an in-depth profile of the artist. The article was a major boost to Writer’s profile, and it helped him gain more momentum as he continued his journey back to the spotlight. It also led to him announcing a new album called The Ghost of Me, which is expected to drop in 2019.

2018 Comeback Announcement

The writer’s comeback was announced in a video released on May 1, 2018. In the video, Writer revealed that he’d been living in Gaffney, SC, and said that he is on “a mission to spread love and light” in the world. He also said that he’s been working on new music and that he’s currently working on a new album called The Ghost of Me. The writer’s video was a long time coming and was very much a reinvention for the artist, who had been out of the spotlight for over a decade. The video was a big moment for Writer, who had come a long way since his last album was released in 2002.

New Music From JR Writer

The writer’s new album, The Ghost of Me, is due out in 2019 and is expected to be his most focused and meaningful album yet. It’s the culmination of a long journey for the Writer, who has been public about his struggles with addiction and an HIV diagnosis. The writer’s new music is expected to be positive and uplifting and will no doubt connect with new fans who’ve been inspired by his journey. The writer has been vocal about the fact that he’s been working with an independent label and funding the album himself. The work has been slow but steady and is expected to be worth the wait, as the Writer is going all out for this album.

Final Thoughts

While J.R. Writer’s story is filled with tragedy and hardship, there are also plenty of moments of triumph to be found within it. Writer has been clean for years now, has been open about his struggles with HIV and Hepatitis C, and is now on track to release his first new album in over a decade. It’s been a long road for Writer, and his comeback story is truly one of inspiration.

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