Billy the exterminator’s mother died

Billy the exterminator’s mother died

Billy the Exterminator’s mother, Agnes, died on March 29 after a long and difficult battle with Alzheimer’s disease. With her passing, there are rumors that the show may be coming to an end. However, these rumors have been greatly exaggerated.

The show is not coming to an end any time soon. In fact, filming has already begun on season 10 of “Billy the Exterminator.” We spoke with Billy himself to find out more about what happened with his mother, how it will affect the show going forward, and if he intends to bring back his famous catchphrase anytime soon…

Billy Bretherton

First things first, let’s talk about who Billy Bretherton is. Born in 1958, Billy is a professional pest control operator who is also a television host, producer, and author. Billy Bretherton He is best known for his hit show, “Billy the Exterminator.” Billy was originally from Louisiana but relocated to Los Angeles in the early ‘90s. He used to work as a commercial fisherman, but decided to make a career change after he got into a severe car accident that left him with a broken back and several broken bones.

Billy the exterminator’s mother died

Billy’s mother, Agnes, was a big part of the show. Her presence was felt in many ways over the years but was most recently felt in the form of her dementia. The disease had haunted her for years, but her last moments were peaceful. Billy described her passing as “very good.” The disease had gotten so bad that Agnes was even featured in the show’s 19th season, which was filmed and released while she was still alive. Billy was very open about the fact that his mother was sick and that he was trying to find ways to care for her. However, the cameras were there the entire time. Billy even said that the show was helping him cope with the situation since he had an outlet for his emotions that he didn’t have anywhere else. He also said that the show was helping him “keep his emotions in check” as he prepared for the inevitable.

Mary bretherton

Mary is Billy’s wife and the co-founder of their pest control company, Terminix. You might recognize her from the show because she has been a recurring cast member since the start of “Billy the Exterminator.” Mary has always been there to support Billy through his ups and downs, but last year, she was there for him in a new way. Mary suffered a stroke at the beginning of 2018, and it caused some health scares for Billy and the family. The stroke came on suddenly, but luckily, Mary’s doctors were able to treat it and she was able to make a full recovery. She was able to return to work within a few months and was even able to resume her role on the show.

Ricky bretherton

Ricky is Billy’s son and Mary’s stepson. He is also a recurring cast member on “Billy the Exterminator.” Ricky has been present in the show since the very first season, and he has grown up on camera. At the start of the show, Ricky was still a child, but as he grew up, he was able to take on more responsibilities. Ricky has now grown into a young man who is also working at Terminix. He has even been given his own “exterminator” title as well. This past year, Ricky was in a car accident that was serious enough to land him in the hospital. Ricky’s accident occurred around the same time as Mary’s stroke, but luckily, his injuries were nowhere near as life-threatening.

Billy the exterminator 2021

At this point, we don’t know what the future holds for “Billy the Exterminator.” It is unclear if Billy will decide to continue the show after season 10, but he does have the ability to do so. The reality series has been running for almost 15 years and has only become more popular. On top of that, Billy has been open about his desire to keep the show going for as long as he can. In fact, he even mentioned that he is working on a new show on his Instagram page. Though we don’t know the details yet, it is possible that this is a new series that will be replacing “Billy the Exterminator” in the future.

Las vegas

And with that, we wrap up our article on billy the exterminator’s mother died. To wrap things up, we want to talk about the convention that Billy Bretherton will be attending in Las Vegas later this year. The convention, which is called the International Pest Control Expo, will take place from September 12th to the 14th. It will feature many different experts from the pest control industry, and Billy will be among them. If you are a fan of “Billy the Exterminator” or just want to learn more about the industry, you will be able to meet the man himself. Tickets are available now, so be sure to check them out before they sell out! And That’s How Billy the Exterminator’s Mother Died! If you love the show, don’t worry, it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, season 10 has already begun filming, and it will premiere later this year. Stay tuned! We hope that you enjoyed reading our article and learned something new along the way. We hope that you will come back again soon to see what other articles we have in store for you.

billy the exterminator mother died

In the 1990’s, a well known film featuring an entertainer named Billy Bretherton was dropped because of the entertainer’s mom passing on. Directly following the crossing out, the movie was changed and the entertainer played the job of the dead lady. The film was called Billy the Exterminator, and it is a hit right up ’til now. The star, Billy Bretherton, has been a number one of many individuals.

how did billy the exterminator mother died

Billy The Exterminator’s mother has always been a mystery. Fans have long wondered how and why Billy’s mom died, especially when it seems like she was a healthy and active woman who lived an independent life. In this article, we explore the life of Billy the Exterminator’s mother, from her early life to her untimely death. We know that she had two brothers and was orphaned at a young age. We also know that she lived in New Jersey as well as Texas, which implies that she moved there from New Jersey as an adult. Uncover more facts about Billy the Exterminator’s mother below!

billy the exterminator dead

Billy the Exterminator — or Billy the Exterminating Predator, as he’s called in some circles — is a minor celebrity, as far as reality TV stars go. His show was on for several seasons and gained a cult following among viewers who are obsessed with watching people catch and release vermin. Because let’s be real: There’s something weirdly appealing about that kind of voyeuristic activity. Billy the Exterminator also became well-known because of his untimely end. It’s unclear whether his death was suicide or murder; however, one thing everyone can agree on is that his passing came far too soon. If you love reading about celebrities, you may be aware of Billy the Exterminator’s death and his ensuing rumors. In this article, we’ll take an honest look at everything we know about him so far and what we think may have happened to him.

billy bretherton death

Billy Bretherton’s death on The Leftovers season 3 was devastating for fans of the show and for anyone who knew the actor. Bretherton was only 35 when he passed away, which made his character’s death all the more tragic. The actor had a promising future in front of him; he had just signed with a new agent and gotten married. His death has left many wondering what could have prompted it? Was it related to his role on The Leftovers? These questions and more are answered here with an intimate look into Billy Bretherton’s life and death.

is billy the exterminator parents still alive

Billy The Exterminator is a star on the rise. He’s got the perfect mix of talent and charm, and his fans can’t get enough! But what about his parents? Who are they? What do they do? Do they have any other children? These are all great questions, but unfortunately not many of them have been answered yet.
If you love Billy like we do, read on for everything you need to know about Billy The Exterminator’s parents.

did billy the exterminator dad died

Billy the Exterminator dad died on October 25, 2017. He was a prominent member of the West Virginian community, and his death came as a shock to many. Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of details regarding his death because his family has not released an official cause of death yet. However, it is known that he passed away from natural causes.
If you didn’t know who Billy the Exterminator dad was, you probably don’t watch much reality television. The show portrays his life as an exterminator and father of three children. It covers all the ups and downs of being single parent and finding love again after divorce. Below is more information about Billy the Exterminator dad if you want to know everything about him.

Billy the Exterminator’s Wife, Erin Kratz: A Look into the Life of a Famous TV Star

Erin Kratz, the wife of Billy The Exterminator, is a star in her own right. She may not have the fame she shares with her husband, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t famous in her own way. As the wife of one of the most famous exterminators in the world, Erin Kratz has a very public life. However, there are things that you may not know about this famous woman and her life as Billy’s wife.
This article will take an in-depth look at Erin Kratz and everything that you need to know about her life as Billy the Exterminator’s wife.

Billy the Exterminator’s parents, Richard and Ruth Ann, both died within days of each other. Billy revealed in an Instagram post on April 19 that his father had passed away just a few hours before the post was published. It came as another shock for Billy because only a few days earlier he learned his mother would be moving into hospice care after battling lung cancer for some time. In this article we will look at what happened to Billy’s parents as well as how he is coping in the aftermath of losing them so suddenly and so soon.

Billy’s Parents and Their Death

Billy’s parents, Richard and Ruth Ann, died within days of each other and the circumstances were not easy for Billy to cope with, nor were they expected. Both his father and his mother were otherwise healthy and neither had been diagnosed with a serious illness. Billy’s father, Richard, passed away on April 16, just a few hours before Billy revealed the news to his followers on Instagram. His mother, Ruth Ann, was in hospice care before her death. Billy learned she would be moving into hospice care a few days earlier, but it wasn’t until after his father died that he learned his mom was already gone. Billy’s mom died on April 19, just a few days after his father’s passing.

How Billy is Coping: A Final Goodbye

Billy, who is one of the most recognizable faces in the world, is known for his wide smile, his frequent laughter and his ability to make people feel comfortable. He is also known for his kindness, his compassion and his generosity, traits that were on display in the days following the deaths of his parents. Billy posted a photo of him and his father during the man’s final moments, telling his followers that he wanted people to see what death really looks like. Billy wanted everyone to know that death is not a scary thing, nor is it a violent thing. His photo showed an elderly man lying peacefully in bed, surrounded by loved ones. Billy wanted everyone to know that is the way death happens. It doesn’t happen in a violent way, it doesn’t happen quickly. It happens slowly, silently, and peacefully. According to Billy, his father’s death was a beautiful thing to behold. Billy said he was lucky enough to be there for his father when he took his last breath.

Billy’s Father, Richard, Died First

Richard E. Miller, Billy’s father, was a World War II vet, a retired engineer and a loving husband to Ruth Ann. Billy’s father had been battling lung cancer for a few years, but it had recently gone into remission. Richard’s death was a real shock to the family, even though he had been ill for some time. His death came sooner than anyone could have expected. Richard’s death came after Ruth Ann had been diagnosed with lung cancer. While the two diseases are separate, they can be linked in people who have been diagnosed with one or the other. Ruth Ann was first diagnosed with lung cancer but soon after was diagnosed with pneumonia. According to Billy, his mother was in and out of the hospital for at least six months before she ended up in hospice care.

Ruth Ann Passed Away a Few Days Later

Ruth Ann Miller, Billy’s mother and Richard’s wife, was a church-going woman and a loving mother to Billy and his sister, Kelly. She was the one who encouraged Billy to become an exterminator and a businessman. Ruth Ann was the one who told Billy to keep going even when he was tired of working. Ruth Ann, who was given six months to live, died a few days after Richard. The cancer had spread to her brain and quickly became too much for her to handle. Like her husband, Ruth Ann did not see death coming. Billy said he was lucky enough to be with his mother when she took her last breath.

The Exterminator Is Taking Care of His Sister, Kelly

The death of Billy’s parents did not only affect Billy. His sister, Kelly, was left to pick up the pieces, including the care of their parents’ home and the care of their parents’ pets. According to Billy, Kelly has been taking care of their parents’ home for as long as he can remember. She was also the one who took care of their parents’ pets after both Richard and Ruth Ann passed away. Billy took care of his parents when they were alive and he is taking care of his sister after they died. Kelly is the only surviving family member of Billy’s parents and the exterminator is making sure she is taken care of.

Billy’s Mother Was Already in Hospice Care Before She Passed

Billy’s mother was already in hospice care before she passed away. She had been moved to hospice care only a few days before her death. When a person is moved to hospice care, it means they are in the final stages of life. Ruth Ann had been diagnosed with lung cancer, which had then spread to her brain. Billy’s mother was given six months to live, but she passed away much sooner than that. Like her husband, Ruth Ann did not see death coming. Billy’s mother took her last breath only a few days after her husband died.

Billy and the Show: What Really Happened Behind The Scenes

Billy Ray Cyrus has had many roles in life. He’s been an aspiring country music singer, a part-time truck driver, a loving husband and father, an actor, and even a New York Times bestselling author. But there is one role that stands out above the rest: The role of “Dad” on the popular 90s TV show “Hannah Montana.”

The role of “Dad” was only a small part of the show, but it had a big impact on Billy Ray’s life. Because of his portrayal of “Cyrus” – Miley’s father – Billy Ray received more recognition as an actor and opened many new doors for him personally and professionally. And while Billy Ray has been known to poke fun at himself from time to time over this role – especially after some very adult photos of him were leaked online – he will always be thankful for the positive things it brought into his life.

Read all about what really happened behind the scenes with Billy and his co-stars in this latest edition of

A great many people would become nauseous about whatever had to do with cockroaches and rodents, but not so the large numbers of watchers of A&E Network’s “Billy the Exterminator.” The unscripted tv series followed the bug control administrator, William “Billy” Bretherton, as he and his organization answered calls for help in freeing a position of vermin or wild creatures. It debuted on 4 February 2009 and ran for seven seasons.

Billy was brought into the world in 1968. Growing up, he needed to turn into a cop or work for the FBI or CIA, so he enlisted in the US Air Force and finished essential preparation at 18 years old. Notwithstanding, in the wake of taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) created by the Department of Defense, his experimental outcomes showed that he had a characteristic fitness for science, yet as opposed to his assumption, his drill teacher let him know that he will be a ‘bug squisher.’ He could barely handle it and thought ‘Good gracious, I enlisted in the Air Force to wash bugs. I might have remained in reality to do that.’

e called up his folks, crying as he educated them regarding this advancement in his profession. Billy was positioned at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada, and his most memorable occupation was to get the wild coyotes off the runway. He seriously viewed this, as his prevalent let him know that it would be his issue if a $30 million stream was destroyed due to a wild creature. He immediately gained some useful knowledge, and did well during his stretch in the military, yet understood that he was ‘excessively liberated from a soul’ to remain, and in this manner left the assistance as a senior pilot.

He turned into a guaranteed entomologist and has been functioning as an exterminator starting around 1987. His mother, Donnie Bretherton, reviewed an occurrence that she accepted could have set him on this vocation way. She said that when Billy was a youngster, he was stung by fire subterranean insects as they had got inside the rancher boots he was wearing; it was terrible to such an extent that he wound up losing his toenails.

The family had been living in New Jersey. At the point when his father, nicknamed “Enormous Bill” resigned, he put his retirement cash in his children, Billy and Ricky, and in 1996, they laid out the Vexcon Animal and Pest Control Company in Louisiana, living in the unassuming community of Benton.

Vexcon, as per Billy, implies the investigation of irritating, pestilent things, and called it the scriptural plague that was going on each day. The organization’s strict way of thinking was to assemble data and investigated its otherworldly importance to assist them with their ‘fights.’

Billy expressed that there were numerous nuisance control organizations in Northwest Louisiana, and they called everyone and requested that they send any ‘bothersome work’ that individuals in the organization wouldn’t do. Around then, they were the only ones in Louisiana that could deal with a wide range of creature end, extraction, or evacuation, from bloodsuckers to crocodiles. They drew media consideration and were highlighted in the neighborhood news. Billy turned into the President of the Northwest Louisiana Pest Control Association in 1997.

Revelation Channel’s “Messy Jobs”
Makers found their recordings on the web and became intrigued by the Bretherton family and how they made ends meet. The Pilgrim Media Group reached them in 2004, about shooting a pilot episode for a show about bother control, that they were pitching to Discovery Channel.

They were picked out of 200 organizations in the wake of being followed for a day as they approached taking care of their business, and the following thing they knew, they were highlighted in the organization’s unscripted television series called “Messy Jobs”, acquiring public openness. It displayed occupations that were especially odd, appalling, or troublesome, and the host, Mike Rowe, would follow alongside the laborers to find out about the gig and work with them. Billy alongside his sibling Ricky, life partner Mary, and a cousin previously showed up in season one during the “Vexcon” episode, which was circulated on 23 August 2005. His group went to a house in Shreveport to manage an issue with rodents. Billy said, ‘it was running at .8 or .9 in the evaluations and afterward it spiked to 1.72 when we came on.’ Due to the watcher’s interest in them, they additionally showed up in season two during the “Termite Controller” episode, broadcasted on 21 March 2006.

“Billy the Exterminator”
The A&E show was initially called “The Exterminators” before it was changed to “Billy the Exterminator” during its subsequent season.

Billy effortlessly turned into a fan #1, with his rock-n-roll and Goth outfit and mullet hair. It was anything but an outfit, exactly what he wore consistently since he turned into a devotee of weighty metal, and delighted in standing by listening to the English musical crew, Black Sabbath, and the Finnish gothic musical crew, HIM. As it turns out, this all-dark outfit with the skull-and-crossbones logo of the organization turned into the functioning uniform of their representatives except for a portion of those in the workplace. At the point when Billy was managing honey bees, he would wear a long coat made of cowhide, a cover, and a quill boa for security.

Individuals who knew him from “Messy Jobs” said nothing had changed in his style except his hair. His mother needed him ‘to dress genuinely decent, for example, in polo shirts and khaki jeans rather than their uniform when he showed up in “Filthy Jobs”, however, his main concession in those days was trimming his hair short. Concerning his shades, he wore them since he was irritated by the hot lights that were continually on him while recording.

Besides Billy, his relatives were projected in the show, as they likewise worked in the organization, so there was a touch of family dramatization.

Ricky lived in Leesville and monitored the satellite part of Vexcon. He would simply go to the principal office during recording for the show so this was when things would become troublesome, because one of the family issues they were having involved Ricky’s ex, Pam. As per Donnie, the couple separated yet when Vexcon began getting along nicely, Pam reconnected with Ricky and they accommodated, and she turned out to be important for the organization as she did the books for them. There was generally pressure at whatever point Pam was at the workplace, as obviously Donnie and Billy didn’t need her there; she was likewise the reason for contentions between the siblings, so obviously, she didn’t make it past season one. Billy would have rather not discussed Pam in broad daylight, and catching wind of individuals talking about them made him insane.

Billy is ideally suited for TV, as he has toughness. ‘I’ll have faith in my ways of thinking until my perishing breath. I know who I am, and remarks and negative energy… I simply surf directly through it,’ he said. His better half left the show too after season one, and it made debate for some time as fans hypothesized the genuine justification behind it. Certain individuals accepted that Billy and Mary would petition for a separation; he’s somewhat terrible at sharing insights regarding his own life, however, Billy said that Mary decided to leave since she was awkward before the camera.

What has been going on with Billy and the show
Billy backpedaled on TV, showing up in “Billy Goes North” delivered by Corus Entertainment, which debuted in September 2016 on the CMT link divert in Canada. The idea was likewise about to bother control, as he managed Canada’s natural life and bugs. It went to air in the US in April 2017 as the seventh time of “Billy the Exterminator,” tragically, it wasn’t reestablished for another season.

He later joined his sibling in 2020, the second time of the web series called “Vexcon the Exterminators” on YouTube. Ricky had begun vlogging in October 2015 and transferred recordings of his work as a vermin control administrator. Their folks and the ladies in their lives weren’t highlighted in the series. The YouTube account just accumulated approximately 6,000 endorsers, and the recordings were only more than 300,000 perspectives.

Billy’s notoriety could have faded throughout the years from his nonattendance on the little screen, however, he had numerous dedicated fans who were eager to see him doing what he excels at. As per their organization site, since Donnie and Big Bill resigned, the obligation of maintaining the business went to Ricky and was likewise in now his name. Billy got back to function as an exterminator with Bryce his child one of the specialists. Beside the administrations they were offering, they additionally sold marked Vexcon stock, including T-shirts, baseball hats, handkerchiefs, and stickers.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bretherton siblings alongside Bryce tracked down ways of engaging themselves without breaking social separating conventions, for example, going on a phantom hunting experience. Billy partook in his October 2020 Instagram post that he’d framed a chakra metal band called V3X3D, along with Bryce and Ricky, and discussed composing the verses and music for their melodies. The band’s Instagram presence appeared to be on the show that they bought into the QAnon development, assuming one would put together it concerning, “QAnon,” that was available on the greater part of the photographs.

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