7 Tricks to Get the Police Report Instantly

7 Tricks to Get the Police Report Instantly

Accidents happen every day, but sometimes it is tough to get your hands on a police report. For example, what happens if you are a witness of the accident or an insurance agent? How do you get the police report for an accident? Do you have to wait until the police arrive at the scene and file a report?

Here are seven ways on how to obtain a police report for an accident.

Call the Police as Soon as Possible After an Accident

Call the police and get a full report of what happened before anyone else hears about it. This way, you can see what other people know about your case and decide if you want to wait for the police or file the report yourself. If you are a witness to an accident, call them right away, even if you don’t have any injuries during the accident.

File the Police Report on Your Own

Ask the officer who took the accident report if you can get a copy of it. Suppose he says yes, request one. Every state is different, so ask a local attorney for more details. In many cases, you can file an affidavit, have it notarized, and file it in court to claim damages. Also, get a copy of any bills received due to injuries caused by this accident.

Get a Copy of the Police Report During your Visit to the Hospital

While at the hospital, ask a staff member if they can get a copy of the police report and show them your insurance card. The hospital staff will file a form requesting information about what happened during the accident, which will help you get your hands on a police report. Make sure to follow up by asking for it when you leave the hospital because some hospitals may have difficulty getting a copy for you.

Call the Police Station Directly

You can call the police station and request if you are injured during an accident. This works in some cases, but it is not likely that you will be able to get a copy immediately if someone else makes the report. The only way to have immediate access to a police report is by calling the police and asking for one.

Talk to Your Insurance Agent About Getting a Police Report

If you are an insurance agent and have your client’s interests at heart, don’t hesitate to get their police report. Note all relevant facts from the police report and show them to your client. This way, they can decide whether to file an affidavit (to claim damages) based on the information in the police report.

File a Form at the Local Courthouse

if you are filing the police report yourself, you can get a copy at the local courthouse. Since, in some cases, there will be a fee to file this, you may have to ask for a waiver or wait until after you have already filed your police report.

Get the Police Report by Mail

If you prefer to get the police report by mail, write a request and include all your details like name, mailing address, and phone number, and the package will be mailed to you. You can also call your local law enforcement office or have them direct it to your local post office.

With any luck, one of these ways will work for you! If not, try contacting our injury lawyers, who can help you get a police report without any hassles.

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