rachel campos car accident story

rachel campos car accident story

My name is Rachel and I have a pretty awesome story to share with you all. In the fall of last year, my husband and I were on our way home from a friends wedding. We were headed back home to Ohio, where he grew up, to be closer to his family after serving as an Air Force pilot for 10 years in the Middle East. As soon as we got off the plane, he called me to let me know that we wouldn’t be flying back on that particular plane and that we’d need another one. To get it, he had to put his own career on hold for two months. Because of this change in plans, he needed a second car to transport his belongings and his things so he could continue working on them while they waited for him at home. Because there was no time like the present, my husband started looking online for pre-owned vehicles so that he could get it all settled up in the interim. Unfortunately, almost all of them were too expensive (around $200 per day) or didn’t have enough room (around $1,300 per day). So instead, my husband took a look at used cars online and found this 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Si RWD 4-DR listed at $500 per day with no mileage. It fit our needs perfectly as it had plenty of room for us both inside and out; it also came with AC and remote start so it would drive itself once we dropped

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On March 28th, 2017, Rachel Campos of Delaware was on her way back to Ohio after spending the weekend with her family in Philadelphia. It was her birthday so she and her husband wanted to celebrate by taking a long trip. At 7:30pm, the Camposes were on the highway in Delaware heading home. Rachel’s car was in Park, Tx, when suddenly, a driver cut in front of them and then quickly accelerated away from them. Rachel swerved to try and avoid the driver but the car she was in slammed into the guardrail and went airborne before crashing into a field. The driver of the other car witnessed this and came to assist, but the Camposes were both unconscious. When they came to, they realized they had been in an accident and rushed to the hospital where they were treated for mild injures. At the hospital, they were told that the young driver was not to be licensed until he was 21 because of his age. This driver was not licensed because Rachel Campos was a passenger in the car during the time of the crash.

rachel’s car accident story analysis

This is a pretty common story actually. The driver of the other car was probably too eager to get away from the crash as soon as possible. There may have been other factors at play as well, but this was most likely the driver’s fault. In this case, the driver of the other car should have called the police as soon as the crash happened so they could investigate and take the necessary steps to make the crash investigation successful. This crash also left a pretty bad mark on Rachel’s car. The driver of the other car managed to sideswipe Rachel’s car, which sent her car hurtling into the air. This was most likely the driver’s fault as well.

rachel campos car accident survivor stories

After the accident, Rachel and her husband spent a couple of weeks in a hotel and then came home to Ohio. When they got back to their house, they realized that their new car didn’t come with a car seat so they bought one on the day of the accident. They also realized that the car had been in an accident and that the insurance company wouldn’t cover it. They called the number on the insurance card and spoke with an agent who, after hearing their story, agreed to give them a lower rate. They also had to pay for the accident damage themselves and the replacement car cost them $1,300. As you can imagine, this car seat was rather expensive so they had to come up with the money quickly. Luckily, they had insurance and they were able to pay for it. One of the most amazing things that Rachel and her husband did was to get in touch with their roots and go back to where they came from. They went to an old neighborhood in Delaware where they grew up to look for their old houses. This trip was really special for them as it was the first time they had been back in the state where they were born.

rachel campos car accident timeline

This is a pretty cool timeline infographic that shows the history of the Grand Caravan. The infographic starts in the fall of 2011, when the production truck for the Grand Caravan was built. In January of 2012, an investor group purchased the company and began working towards building the car. That same year, the car was tested on the track and was drivable. In May of 2013, the car was completed and delivered to the investor group. In December of that year, the car was registered with the government as a new vehicle. On January 1, 2014, the car was delivered to the CAMPOSES.

rachel campos final thoughts

There are many stories about the car accidents that happen in our lives and there are many things that can go wrong. The good news is that there are also many things that can go right. Rachel and her husband are an inspiration to all of us who have been through a car accident. They persevered through it all and they are living proof that anything is possible. And with a little luck and determination, anything else too!

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