Nikolas Ajagu: Who is the Scruffy-Looking Man in My Instagram Feed?

Nikolas Ajagu: Who is the Scruffy-Looking Man in My Instagram Feed?

Nikolas Ajagu is a popular blogger and Instagram influencer based in Helsinki, Finland. With over 197k followers and counting, Nikolas is one of the most recognizable faces on the Finnish Instagram scene. His fashion style leans towards the casual with a focus on high-quality streetwear brands such as Supreme, Palace, Yeezy, and BAPE. So who exactly is this scruffy-looking man in Nikolas’ Instagram feed? It’s fellow Finnish influencer @_vikkah! And no, you are not confused about the spelling of their names. They’re both called Vikkah. Or rather, they were both called Vikkah until they collectively decided to change their surname to Ajagu. But why would anyone change their surname to something that sounds like “uh-YAY-guh”? To answer that question, we need to dive deeper into the world of social media Influencers…

Who is Vikkah?

Vikkah (or Vikkah) is a Finnish fashion & lifestyle influencer who has amassed over 200k followers on Instagram and has worked with brands like Uniqlo, KLM, MTV, and Samsung. An online influencer career is not a full-time job, but rather a side hustle while attending university. He started his Instagram account as a creative outlet to share his own personal style and interests. Vikkah has also been featured in various media publications such as Hello Magazine, Iltalehti, and Vanhempaa Voimaa (a web TV show about parents). Vikkah’s feed is full of high-end streetwear and casual, laid-back looks. Although his style is not very “scruffy”, he is often mistaken as the scruffy man in Nikolas’ Instagram feed.

The Scruffy-Looking Man on Instagram

The scruffy-looking man in Nikolas Ajagu’s Instagram feed is actually Vikkah. The two are close friends who are often mistaken for each other as their Instagram feeds look very similar. The confusion between the two can be traced back to a TV interview where Vikkah was mistaken for Nikolas Ajagu. The hosts mixed up the two names and awarded Vikkah with the most scruffy-looking man in Finland award. When asked about the mix-up, Vikkah said that he was surprised to see his name because he has never been called the scruffy-looking man before. He later realized that it was the result of his friends’ Instagram feeds looking very similar to his own.

Why Did Vikkah Change His Name?

Vikkah changed his name to Ajagu after building up a large following on Instagram. By changing his name, he was able to gain even more followers and expand his brand. He recognized that by having a name that is similar to a more prominent influencer like Nikolas Ajagu, he would be able to get more exposure. After all, if you find someone with a large Instagram following and a name that is similar to yours, you’re more likely to follow that person than the average joe.

How Many Instagram Followers Does It Take To Change Your Name?

There is no set number or a clear-cut formula on how many followers it takes to change your name. It really depends on the situation and the person. In Vikkah’s case, he built up a sizeable following and had a pretty good reason to change his name. If you want to change your name and have very few followers, you might just be laughed at. A famous example of this is how Justin Dwayne Phil Bieber (yes, the guy who brought us “Baby” and “Love Yourself”) changed his name to “Bieber”. The community reacted negatively, and he later changed his name back to Justin Bieber.

Together, But Not Real… Friends?

A quick Google search will tell you that real friends are people who are with you during good times, bad, and scruffy times as well. A famous example of this is the Instagram feed of Vikkah and Nikolas. Their feeds are very similar, and people have a hard time telling the two apart. The two have been friends since high school and have a great vibe going on. Although they like to play jokes on each other, they are very close and there are no bad blood or scruffy feelings between the two. These guys have also been featured in various media publications together but have not done any joint photoshoots or promoted each other as “real” friends.

Lessons Learned: What We Can Learn From Scruffy-Looking Men On Instagram

If you want to be a successful influencer, you need to make scruffy your middle name. Be it beards, scruff, or even just a scruffy-looking person, it’s the easiest way to stand out in the Instagram crowd. If you want to break into the Instagram influencer scene, you first need to figure out who you are and what you want to represent. Are you good-looking? Maybe you should stay away from the scruffy thing. If you’re struggling to find your identity, go back to basics – think about your interests and discover your passions. Once you’ve done that, you can start building an online presence. But beware – once you’ve started, it’s very hard to stop!

Closing Words

Social media influencers are a unique breed. While the general public is wondering when the next Kim Kardashian scandal will drop, the influencers are scruffing themselves up, posting as many #wokeuplikethis selfies as possible, and flooding our feeds with clever marketing campaigns. As long as people keep clicking on those posts and influencers keep earning money, the scruffy times will continue. And that’s why we must learn to embrace the scruff.

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