Getting rid of loose motions without any medication

Getting rid of loose motions without any medication

Diarrhoea refers to an irritating health condition that leads to loose motion and vomiting at times. Though it’s not a critical health condition but only if treated on time. Any viral infection or food poisoning/ allergic edible product etc. may cause loose motions. 

Symptoms of loose motions and causes

  • Watery stool/motion
  • Increased intensity/frequent stool passing
  • Lead to fatal health and weakness

Any non-suitable or infected/allergic food/heavy or undigested edible product may lead to the respective health condition. The loss of minerals and nutrients is the ultimate result of the same. 

How can it be treated without any drug?

As per the traditional home-based remedies, low-fibre intake is the best remedy for loose motions. Swapping your unhealthy food habits with a balanced regular one is the best remedy to prevent any stomach infection or food poisoning. Some of the basic magical contents of our kitchens that are efficient in providing a soothing effect in case of loose motions are mentioned as under.


The best and readily available remedy that tops the list with its anti-inflammatory properties is lime/lemon. The juice of a lemon can give relief to most of the gut and intestinal issues. From providing relief in the context of pH maintenance to taking care of nutrition supply, lemon does it all. Any loss/shortage of nutrition due to the same can be compensated by giving lemon juice to the patients. Lemon juice mixed with coriander leaves, mint, black salt and sugar helps in easy recovery by providing a soothing effect to the appetite.

Curd, black salt and roasted cumin powder

It is well known that curd is used as a rich source of healthy bacteria for the appetite. From increasing appetite immunity, these are recommended to be taken as an essential part of the routine diet. The ability of the same to fight against stomach infection makes it an effective remedy in case of diarrhoea or digestive issues.

Not only loose motions but this also is capable of soothing the problem of constipation. Helping in the promotion of regulated bowel movements curd/yoghurt helps in the revival of gut health.

World spice, Ginger

Ginger has been known as a world spice in many places. The wondrous merits of the same to health even prove the entitlement. From improving digestion to the treatment of sluggish bowel movements and stimulating health and wellness enzymes in the stomach are the merits of the same. Ginger is capable of preventing intestinal blockages and protection against germs is enhanced.

Fruits such as banana and pomegranate

Fruits like bananas are rich supplements for Potassium and so is a vital loose motions cure. This acts as an energy booster and thus, helps patients to revive their health. 

On the other hand, pomegranate, with the anti-inflammatory response efficiently treats loose motions. Fresh pomegranate juice can be soothing and effective in curing loose stools.

In addition, apples form the best source of iron supplements for the patients giving the gut a relaxing sensation and hence fastening the recovery process. Along with immunity and cure, these ensure the timely supply of lost nutrition to the patient’s body. If these are given alongside rice meal, then the respective meal is often called BRAT meal. Here T refers to toast. 

An adequate supply of water and fluids to keep the body well hydrated

The most important constituent of a body is water and maintaining the appropriate level of the same is always wise. This in turn helps to flush out toxic waste from your body and keeps you protected against infections.

Final words

In the end, it is advisable to cut off your fast food and outside food intake as these may bring in infections. Once in a while, it is okay to enjoy these unnecessary food intakes, but the more is the frequency of unhygienic outside food the more you will be prone to infections. Hygiene and nutrition should always be preferred rather than taste. 

Concluding the topic, it is recommended to opt for low-fibre intake. the respective diet may include white rice, and fruits such as bananas & apples and meals may include fish, chicken & turkey but without its covering (skin).

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