How To Close Sales Like A Pro In 2022

How To Close Sales Like A Pro In 2022

No matter how excellent your products are, it’s critical to remember that products will not sell themselves. Yes, quality would be your competitive advantage, but you need to make an extra effort so that these products reach your customers’ hands and they become willing to pay for them. This is achieved through excellent sales strategies. 

The thing about sales strategies that makes it extra challenging is the fact that what works today may not necessarily work this year or even in the next couple of months. It’s a cut-throat, highly-competitive industry, and customers are also getting more selective with their choices. With this, salespeople must meet or go above and beyond customer expectations and for their action plans to evolve, depending on how the market shifts continuously.  

If you are in this industry and want to improve your sales skills, this article is for you. Here are four highly effective strategies of sales experts like Cole Gordon that you can follow so you can also start closing sales like the pros in 2022. 

Sell A Solution

Selling a solution is a sales closing strategy that doesn’t focus on how your products and services are better than the competition. Instead, it concentrates on how your products and services offer solutions to your target market’s problems. 

You see, many buyers today aren’t interested in how you’re better than the competition. Rather, they’re keener to know how your products and services can help them. By using this technique, you emphasize the product or service’s value. 

To do this successfully, it is imperative that salespeople like you, along with the company you represent, have a thorough understanding of the needs and wants of your customers. This way, you can sell products with empathy and tailor-fit the product recommendation based on each customer’s unique needs. 

If this selling style is new to you, you can read through online resources or hire a sales coach and guide you through the process. However, make sure that you research and review the program to make the most of your investment. 

Ask For The Sale

Asking for the sale means not leaving any room for ambiguity. It’s not enough to sell your products and services and then just stop there. Be direct and frank about the sale. 

The way to do this is to be consistent with approaching your clients after reaching out to them, to hopefully provoke positive action. When you’ve spent time managing and nurturing a specific lead and feel that your product meets your client’s needs, do not hesitate to ask for a customer’s commitment to sign the contract immediately.

Keep in mind that your competitor may have similar products, so take the chance to ask the question and push for the sale the moment you’ve addressed all their objections. 

Follow The Now Or Never Style Of Selling

Creating a sense of urgency for your buyers to purchase is one of the most convincing ways to close sales. It makes your target buyers feel like they’ve got no time to waste, as they have to purchase ASAP. It’s now or never. If they wait until later, they may run out of the products they need from you. 

Some common examples of this ‘now or never style’ of selling include phrases like:

  • ‘This is one of the very few pieces left, as of the moment’;
  • ‘This 15% discount is only open for buyers who sign up today’.

This technique works quite well, regardless of how you’re selling, whether through email, personally, or on the phone. But it works the most for those sales through the phone. This is because you’ll have that person’s undivided attention in real-time.

Be Very Prepared For Objections

While it’s always ideal to hope for the best outcomes, the sales process won’t be smooth sailing all the time. Thus, an effective salesperson expects and prepares for various situations during the sales negotiation process. And that includes even the worst-case scenarios when customers have plenty of objections. 

Remember that in sales, an objection doesn’t equate to a rejection. Instead, you should treat it as an added challenge. And for some clients, they share their objections because they may want to work with you, but there are other needs that your products need to satisfy.  

Thus, when you meet with a challenging customer, make sure that you have worked with your team and discussed alternative solutions to increase your chances of closing the deal. 


Closing a sale can be both simple and complex. And depending on your customers, products, and industry in general, you have to apply the best strategies to achieve your quota. Choosing the right phrases and techniques to say or do can make or break a sale. 

This 2022, take it up a notch and consider the tips sales pros have practiced for a long time. Remember that customer needs are ever-changing; thus, an effective salesperson should be able to adapt to those changes constantly. 

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