Top 10 Fitness Trends of Eros Fitness 2022

Top 10 Fitness Trends of Eros Fitness 2022

Fitness industry is a cut-throat business where every brand needs to keep updating its strategies in order to stay ahead of competition. The emergence of new technologies and changing consumer habits leave no room for old trends any longer. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent fitness trends that have emerged and gained popularity over the past year, and are expected to continue gaining traction in 2022 as well.

Virtual Reality Trainer

Virtual Reality Trainer is a breakthrough in the way we train clients. It is designed for clients who are unable to come to the gym due to travel or health reasons, or for people who are unable to focus at the gym due to certain reasons. Now, clients can attend their sessions from their homes while there is a trainer in another location who is guiding the session using virtual reality technology. Such a technology allows the clients to get a fully immersive experience where they can see, hear, feel and react as if they are actually at the gym.

Body Scans and Biometrics

Another trend that has gained immense popularity in the fitness industry is biometrics. This technology is designed to measure various statistics such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen levels and so on to help the clients in their fitness journey. Such measurement statistics can play a huge role in helping clients prevent diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart diseases and more. Such data can also be used by the client’s doctor to help them have a more precise diagnosis. It can also help the clients understand their body better.

Wearable Fitness Tracker

Wearable fitness trackers are designed to track a person’s fitness in a completely new way. These trackers are designed to track the number of steps walked, calories burnt and the amount of sleep a person got during the night. These trackers can also track the amount of water that a person drinks, the number of minutes they exercised and the number of times they stand up during the day. Such trackers can also track the amount of oxygen in the blood and the quality of air that a person breathes in.

Smart Gym Equipment

Another fitness trend that has gained immense popularity in the past year is smart gym equipment. This equipment is designed to track the activities of a person during their workout and give them real-time feedback. Such equipment can track the number of repetitions a person does, the amount of time they spent on each exercise and the number of sets they did. It can also track their heart rate, their blood pressure and the amount of calories they burnt. Such equipment can track all this data and give a client real-time feedback so that they can plan their workout efficiently.

Real-time Coaching and Tracking

When people come to the gym, they expect to get real-time coaching from the fitness experts. Such a coaching helps the clients in understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and gives them ideas on how they can improve their performance and stay fit. Such coaching is expected to go online in the coming years where clients can interact with their fitness experts through live video and audio calls.

Artificial intelligence in training

Artificial intelligence is a technology that has been in existence for a long time. But fitness brands are just beginning to use this technology in their training strategies. AI helps fitness experts in collecting data and analysing it in a completely new way. They can use this technology to design custom workouts and training strategies for particular clients depending on their age, fitness level, genetics and more.


Eros Fitness 2022 is expected to be more virtual and futuristic than the fitness industry of today. People will prefer to train from their homes rather than go to the gym, and they will prefer to watch their trainer via virtual reality rather than in person. Virtual reality training will allow people to attend their training sessions from anywhere in the world, which will be great for people who travel a lot for work. Fitness tracking technology will be more advanced, and it will collect more data than ever before. People will be able to track a variety of statistics, such as the amount of oxygen in their blood and the quality of air they breathe in, the amount of water they drink, the number of calories they burn and more. Artificial intelligence will be used in training and coaching, and it will help fitness experts design custom workouts and training strategies for clients based on their age, fitness level and genetics.

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