Know all about josé trinidad marín

Know all about josé trinidad marín

Jose Trinidad Marin is the ex-husband of Jenni Rivera, a late American singer, composer, and TV personality. He is responsible for one of the cruelest acts of sexual molestation and domestic abuse ever committed.


josé trinidad marín‘s trial is one of the most well-known court proceedings of all time due to the involvement of high-profile celebrities. Thankfully, justice was served, and the horrible monster was sentenced to 31 years in prison.


Because of the heinous nature of the murder, fans are always curious about the whereabouts of the notorious Jose Trinidad Marin. Is he still in the prison or released? What’s his relationship like with his daughters? We’ll go into the life of sexual offender Jose Marin in this section.


Who is Jose Trinidad Marin, and where did he come from?

On February 15, 1964, josé trinidad marín, also known as Trino Marin, was born in Mexico. After marrying his childhood sweetheart and American celebrity Jenni Rivera, he soared to popularity.


Marin grew up in Mexico, where he was born and reared. Later, he and his family relocated to a Los Angeles suburb in the United States in hopes of a better life. The specifics of migration, on the other hand, are unknown. His father’s and mother’s names have not been revealed.


Jose is of Mexican descent and holds dual citizenship in the United States and Mexico.


Background in Education

josé trinidad marín attended high school in the United States, where he met his future wife, Jenni Rivera. However, it is unknown whether he received a diploma from there. He did not continue his schooling and instead performed a variety of odd jobs throughout his life.


Marin’s Work Experience

Jose began working at a young age, having been born to immigrant parents who were not very rich. Trino was already working many jobs when he met Jenni at the age of 14.


Trino had a macho mindset and believed that a man’s responsibility was to care for his family. As a result, he forced Jenni to drop out of school and stay at home with the kids. This caused a lot of friction between the pair because Jenni wanted to finish high school properly, which resulted in a divorce.


After their divorce, Jenni went on to become a megastar, and Trino thrived in Riverside County.


Marin, Jose Trinidad Jenni Rivera, his wife, was his wife

As previously said, the pair met while they were both quite young. Jenni was 14 years old when she met Trino, who was 19. She became pregnant with Trino’s daughter a year later. Jenni was reportedly evicted from her home due to her pregnancy.


In the same year, 1984, the pair married. During their marriage, Jose was 20 years old and Jenni was 15 years old.


Jenni Rivera and Trino Marin divorced each other in 1992

Their marriage could not withstand the test of time, as is often the case with youthful weddings. The couple’s condition was further worsened by Trino’s dominating demeanor.



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