Janet Condra,Larry Bird’s Ex-girlfriend, Net Worth 2021

Janet Condra,Larry Bird’s Ex-girlfriend,  Net Worth 2021

Janet Condra rose to prominence as Larry Bird’s ex-girlfriend. Larry Bird is a legendary former American basketball player. He is widely regarded as the best player in the history of American basketball.


According to publicly available reports, janet condra‘s exact birthday is unknown. Regardless, she was born in Indiana, United States of America. At Spring Valley High School, she meets her prior husband. At the lyceum, she had passionate affections for Larry. Larry, on the other hand, was one of the ball’s untouched scorers. A couple of them were also classmates. Janet was a typical American lyceum girl in her early years.


Janet Condra’s Personal Life and Larry Bird’s Wife


janet condra‘s life was simple before he met Larry Bird. Spring Valley High School in Indiana was where she completed her lyceum. She met Larry Bird there, and the two of them were hopelessly enamored as a result of it. It elevates them to lyceum darling status. Their marriage began in 1975, however, it did not last more than a year. On October 31, 1976, they were isolated. Janet gave birth to a girl called Corrie Bird shortly after their divorce.


It had been difficult for her to raise the child alone because she was a single parent. Larry never acknowledges his girl Corrie in a caring manner, which irritates Janet greatly.


She once stated, “I will protect Corrie from any harm, but not from the harm caused by her father,” after describing a teenager alone with no one else, and she appeared to be much more solid and submitted.


Larry fowl, a well-known basketball player, married Springs Valley classmate janet condra in 1975. They have been both teens at the time. They divorced after 12 months of marriage. Larry’s father committed suicide a few months later.


Larry made an try to reconnect with Janet. Janet has become pregnant and gave delivery to Corrie despite the reality that they in no way remarried. Chook, alternatively, becomes in no way commonplace into the own family. Larry used basketball as a coping mechanism whilst he was going through a hard period in his existence.


The Marriage of Larry and Janet lasted only a year


Larry and janet condra married in 1975, as previously indicated. They met at Spring Valley High School, where they were both classmates. Larry relocated to Indiana State University, and the duo become school lovers.


After Larry relocated, their relationship deteriorated, and they divorced on October 31, 1976, after one year of marriage.


The specific reason for the couple’s divorce is unknown, however, rumors and suspicions suggested that they had numerous irreconcilable issues.


janet condra and Larry, unlike some couples who remain friends after a divorce, went their separate ways and did not rekindle their friendship after the divorce. This emphasizes how significant their disparities must be.


Despite the fact that Corrie Bird was born after the couple split, their one-year marriage produced a gorgeous daughter named Corrie Bird. Larry and Janet had to quit their relationship, according to another source, due to Larry’s changing lifestyle.


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