Know everything about Technoblade

Know everything about Technoblade

Since then, the world’s dynamics have evolved from the usual to a disruptive industry where anyone with enough creativity can achieve their goals.


Technoblade is a well-known name in the creative industry. If you haven’t heard of him, you’ve come to the perfect spot to learn about the man who is leading yet another revolution.


Dave is the real name of Technoblade, an American gamer, and YouTuber. He also has a sizable social media following, making him one of the most sought-after internet influencers.


On his YouTube account, he presently has over 8.05 million subscribers, and he usually publishes videos of his games as well as occasional humor. The streamer is well-known for his gaming abilities, as well as the amount of strategy and skill with which he plays.


On his YouTube channel, Technoblade has many playlists dedicated to individual uploads. In the Minecraft community, he is also recognized as one of the finest gamers in the world. This and other details will be covered in this essay, but first, here are ten things you should know about Technoblade.


What is Technoblade’s age?


Technoblade is a 22-year-old superhero. The age of gamers or creatives is one of the most fascinating riddles that pique people’s interests. For a long time, Technoblade kept his personal life private, making it difficult to estimate his age just on his internet images.


Technoblade has been around for a long time, and even the most personal information leaks over time. He is an American citizen who was born on June 1, 1999, in California.


Family and childhood


Technoblade, whose true name is Dave, turned 22 years old in 2021 and currently lives in San Francisco, California, with his father. He has three younger sisters and a brother who goes by the moniker “Chris.” In addition, the player owns a tiny puppy named ‘Floof,’ and his parents are divorced.




A profession in the creative field needs a lot of courage and determination. Many people who want to make a career for themselves always turn out to be excellent at what they do, and this is usually a long process.


Technoblade is a social media influencer, although he is best known for his gaming abilities and YouTube video creation. Technoblade used to be known as Techno The Pig before he became famous. He used to just record himself playing video games like Minecraft and broadcast them live on YouTube and Twitch.


His days of anonymity are behind him, and he’s built a name for himself in the gaming world. Many web sources, like, ranked him as one of the best Minecraft players of all time as of 2021. His clever tactics and strategy have also earned him a lot of respect among his peers.


Apart from that, technoblade face reveal has built a profession out of amusing viewers with his friendly rivalry with fellow Minecraft Youtuber Dream. He’s also recognized for his snarky nature and dark humor.


Before gaining greater popularity, Technoblade usually published Blitz Survival Games, with his 500th episode special, named “Ultimate Hunger Games,” becoming his most popular video.




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