The Top 3 Hints To Stop Damaging Your Eyeglasses

The Top 3 Hints To Stop Damaging Your Eyeglasses

Wear eyeglasses daily? Then chances are, you will definitely feel that you easily tear and break them. Most people use their eyeglasses clumsily and commit major problems that can hurt the longevity of the eyeglasses and its lenses. Today we present three simple tips to help you keep your eyeglasses safer and in better condition. Following these tips will not only reduce the costs of creating new eyeglasses, it will help you reduce your eyeglasses on the long run.

Tip 1: Handle Eyeglasses With Both Hands

We all have the bad habit of taking our eyeglasses off with just one hand. Whether it’s while driving, walking or just during day to day activity, we all are guilty of this fault. But what we do out of sheer feeling of laziness when we handle our eyeframes can damage them. Always handle your eyeglasses with two hands. Wear them with two hands and take them off with two hands as well. This provides your eyeglasses balance and does not damage it while everyday occurrence of taking off and putting on your eyeglasses.

Tip 2: Never Leave Your Eyeglasses without Their Cases

Just like a pearl stays protected by its shell, any eyewear stays protected in their specially designed eyewear case. This means that you should only keep the eyeglasses in it’s proper casing. This will reduce the chances of damage to your eyeglasses and also reduce the chance that they might accumulate dust.

Tip 3: Always Wipe with A Microfiber cloth

We often use the end of our shirts or the T-shirt to wipe our eyeglasses and this has been among the many things that damage our eyeglasses. The lenses get damaged due to the accumulation of dust and while we try to wipe it when it is still dry. The rough edges of dust particles damage the top layer of the lenses and create problems such as damaged eyeglasses lenses. The best bet is to hold your eyeglasses under a running tap of water and rinse it. Then use the microfiber cloth to dry it up and wipe it clean. The microfiber cloth ensures that there are no wiping marks and water marks. Also wipe your frame and help keep it cleaner and better for a long time.

This ensures that the eyeglasses you wear stay the way they are supposed to be for longer and enjoy a better eyeglasses wearing experience for longer.

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