Calling All Independent Lady Bosses! Secure Your Girls & Your Business

Calling All Independent Lady Bosses! Secure Your Girls & Your Business

In the past, women had numerous obstacles that were put in place to keep them out of the business world. As we’ve progressed, though, we’ve been able to overcome these obstacles and stake our claim across all industries. If you’ve seen your fellow women thriving in their businesses and you’re feeling empowered to start your own business, you need to have the right tools in your arsenal. The following are some of the best resources for emerging female business owners looking to take their success into their own hands.

Digital Security for Your Business

It’s undeniable that data security plays a huge role in running a business. We’ve seen countless examples in the news of the enormous negative impact a data breach can have on a business’s reputation and success. In order to build customer relationships and trust, your company must be prioritizing cybersecurity throughout all your business processes. CastleLock is one leading-edge cybersecurity firm that offers some of the most powerful information security deployments. The reason why they are so widely renowned as a cybersecurity services company is their commitment to fueling their client’s success through unwavering data security integrations.

Data governance and compliance are two key responsibilities for every business. In order to be compliant with local and federal data governance requirements, you need intelligent digital security software applications. Data security services and applications are crucial utilities for business owners because information security is such a difficult task to take on alone. The right cybersecurity firm will help you optimize your data security operations and effectively manage channels from customer data to operational costs. Reducing customer issues and accelerating your sales cycles are just two of the many highly advantageous use cases for a high-powered information technology deployment.

Identifying Business Threats

Beyond just encryption and data governance, your team should be working proactively to predict and identify potential threats to your business. Security teams are most efficient and effective when they are able to prevent malicious attacks before they even happen. The best way to do this is to work with an outside intelligence team. The experts at LifeRaft ( have created intuitive software applications to help business owners identify potential threats from across every corner of the internet. Telecommunications play an enormous role in any business’s operations, and being able to efficiently streamline the use of these channels and any mention of your business is crucial. When you leverage the abilities of the navigator, any online activity concerning your business is easily accessible and investigated.

Their digital threat intelligence navigator is able to comb through various digital sources from social media and blogs to the dark web. This comprehensive analysis allows your team to be prepared for anything and respond appropriately in the event of a threat. In the past, this kind of research would have to be done manually, which is a tedious and time-consuming task for security teams. Even with a team of individuals manually completing threat research, it’s still entirely possible for some hostile threats and security risks to go unnoticed. Not only is a threat navigator able to intelligently identify threats and notify your team in real-time, but it’s also able to be applied across various channels in order to look back at past events and evolve according to these valuable insights.

Dress With Confidence

One of the most important ways to be a confident business owner is to dress the part. When you’re dressed for your body with your comfort in mind, it will allow you to be more focused on your work. One of the most important parts of any woman’s wardrobe is her undergarments, and more specifically, her bras. While bras have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable, this doesn’t have to be the case. With SOMA’s bra size guide, you can determine the exact band, strap, and cup size to fit your specific bust size. Your bra is a part of your outfit, and when you wear a bra that doesn’t fit properly it can negatively impact the way you feel and carry yourself.

Bust size is unique to every person who has breasts, so your bra style should be just as unique. The chart for bra size shows users how to accurately measure their cup size and band size in order to determine their perfect fit. With a measuring tape, you can find your own specific dimensions which will reflect in your bra size. You measure the fullest part of your chest to find your cup size and then around your waist and rib cage to determine band size. The wrong bra size has a bigger impact on your life than you may realize. If your bra is too tight or causing gaps in some areas, your likely not feeling as confident as you can potentially be with the right bra. As a business owner, you should own clothing that makes you feel empowered, starting with your bras.

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