Cafe World Hints That Get You to the Top!

Cafe World Hints That Get You to the Top!

Cafe World is a very competitive and addictive game. You can spend long time on this game and be a top player if you know how to play well.

Some people might suffer at first because their minds are set to other games like Restaurant City. Actually Cafe World is different in many details and you need another kind of strategies and tips to help you get to the top of your neighbors and friends.

– Choosing the layout: the layout for your chairs and tables is very important. You have to watch your server to determine the best layout. The best layout is where there are little space between chairs and tables that will allow customers to walk. There are many good layouts and I prefer rows with small walkthroughs between them.

– Keep cooking: You might want to cook only one kind of food in order to predict your schedule, manage your time and make it easy for you to do the multiple tasks. But if you want to really level up and collect coins you have to set up a complex plan when you cook various kinds of food (At the first stage I prefer trying 3 kinds only) and choose them where there is one fast serving food, the second takes higher time and gives more coin and the third kind takes longer time and gives you a lot of coins. If you can manage your time effectively. You can make heaps of money and coins but you have to work hard and play the game for a long time.

– Optimizing: Make a schedule for your foods to be served everyday depending on the time you will play and coins you want to get. Get ingredients wisely and control your spending so that you will not run short of necessary ingredients and make sure you keep some money with you for emergency. If you want to buy some decorations you have to save money gradually and keep extra money with you before buying.

Always remember that Cafe World will still run even if you logged out of the game. So do not keep anything on stoves if you are intending to log off the game because when you log back you will have to pay to clean the mess. You do not want to lose your hard earned coins on cleaning.

Remember that saving money is as important as getting money.

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