Losing Fat by Eliminating the Top 7 Emotional Blocks to Weight Loss

Losing Fat by Eliminating the Top 7 Emotional Blocks to Weight Loss

A common mistake when starting a weight loss program is ignoring the emotional component. You may feel that you’re ready to lose weight, but psychological or emotional stumbling blocks can completely undermine your weight loss efforts. Losing fat by unloading emotional blocks or obstacles can free you up for success that you otherwise might miss. In this article we’ll identify the top seven obstacles to weight loss, and provide some helpful tips to overcoming these blocks.

The Top 7 Emotional Weight Loss Blocks and Helpful Tips 2021:

1. Your commitment level – Are you really ready to lose weight? It’s better to wait until the time is right than to self-sabotage. Being honest will support you better in the long run. While you may want to lose weight, if you are in the middle of job transition, a family crisis or any of the top known stresses.

Helpful tip: Be kind to yourself and set a goal to begin your program when you have the capacity to do so with more of a calm approach.

2. You may feel unsafe – Victims of violent crimes and abuse often keep or put on excess weight.

Helpful tip: Talking to a friend or a psychologist may help.

3. Spousal or partner support – It’s possible that your significant other is your “partner in crime” when it comes to food and that they want you to stay overweight. It may threaten them that you want to get in shape. You may also enjoy eating with your partner and are both overweight as a result Thetophints.com.

Helpful tip: You want to resolve this before you begin your diet, possibly enlist your partner to join you, or negotiate a starting point that gets both of your needs met. You may inspire your partner in the long run!

4. Family traditions – Sweets and treats at family gatherings may equate to love, but they also contribute to your love handles.

Helpful Hint: Be firm and clear, having a gentle and honest chat with offenders about your commitment to your health and your desire to lose weight. Tell them that you know they love you and that you appreciate their support in your weight-loss efforts.

5. Peer pressure – This could be beer, wings, and pizza around a football game viewed with friends, or cocktails out at a club. Unfortunately any of these splurges can quickly unravel a diet plan. It’s not fun to tell the guys you’d rather eat carrot sticks than mozzarella sticks or that you’re only going to have 1 drink.

Helpful Hint: Make a deal or compromise with yourself, allowing yourself a bit of a treat on this night. For instance, you normally have pizza, chips and several beers every Monday for the football game. Maybe you have the pizza, but 2 pieces rather than 3 or 4, skip the chips, and limit the beer to 1 while losing weight. You can spread the food over 3 hours, to minimize the impact on your insulin. Aside from this change, you may need to tell the guys you are taking it easy on the snacks for a while.

6. Boredom or Feeling Stuck – Many people in office jobs use coffee, donuts, cookies, and other treats as rewards or distractions. I was one of them!

Helpful Hint: One solution is to find other ways to reward yourself. Taking a quick 10-minute walk during break time can help. If you’re eating as a way to avoid working, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your career. Meanwhile it doesn’t have to be all or nothing- you can still give yourself a small treat once a week.

7. Practical or Financial Issues – Maybe you subconsciously lose weight because you can’t afford a new wardrobe or to have your clothes taken in.

Helpful Hint: Perhaps scoping out quality consignment shops, bartering for tailoring services, or clothes swapping with friends can get you started. Be creative!

There are more emotional blocks to weight loss, of course, but the point of this article is to increase your awareness of any potential ones you may have, so that you can eliminate them and meet you goal to lose fat with more ease. Brainstorm with positive people and align yourself with healthy role models. This may be at a gym, in a walking group or with a health mentor. It’s also important to remember that we are only human and will miss the mark occasionally. Don’t beat yourself up. Remember that the benefit to overcoming your weight-loss blocks is a slimmer and healthier you.

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