What Are The Differences Between CISA Certification, CISM Certification and CISSP Certification?

What Are The Differences Between CISA Certification, CISM Certification and CISSP Certification?

Nowadays, many companies or enterprises are very optimistic about the certificate of employees. It can be said that if you are an interviewer, if you have a job certification, you will give priority to ordinary candidates. At the same time, the starting point of salary is relatively higher, so now many people want to participate in the certification. Just like in the field of information security, there are many kinds of certificates for you to learn and authenticate, such as <a href=”https://cciedump.spoto.net/isaca-cisa-certificates.php”>CISA certification</a> , CISM certification and CISSP certification. What are the differences between CISA certification, CISM certification and CISSP certification? Each of them is described below.



CISA(Certified Information System

Auditor) has been registered by ISACA since 1978. CISA certification has become a symbol of the achievements of the holder in the professional fields of information system audit, control and security, and gradually developed into a globally recognized standard. CISA certified auditors in China play an important role in the field of information security and control. Information system audit is more and more recognized by domestic enterprises. In addition, it will bring a considerable number of professional and personal benefits.


Learning objects:

  1. Information system audit consultant;
  2. Traditional audit professionals;
  3. Employees in charge of information system audit within the enterprise;
  4. Employees in charge of information system security management and planning within the enterprise;
  5. It manager, information security manager;
  6. CISA candidates.




CISSP(Certified Information System Security

Professional ) is a kind of certificate reflecting the qualification level of information system security practitioners. It can provide new opportunities and greater convenience for people engaged in the field of information security to improve their professional qualifications. CISSP certification examination is organized and managed by (ISC) 2, and the personnel participating in CISSP certification are required to comply with CISSP

( Code of Ethics), with at least 5 years of direct working experience in at least two of the eight fields of information system security common knowledge framework (CBK).


Learning objects:

  1. CIO, CTO, senior it manager and director of information center;
  2. Chief information security officer CISO, information security director and security manager;
  3. Security consultant, Security Auditor and it auditor;
  4. Security architect and security analyst;
  5. Security system engineer, network architect.




CISM(Certified Information Security Member)

Qualification refers to the personnel engaged in information security work in the technical departments (including standardization departments) of information system (Network) construction, operation and application management of information security enterprises, information security consulting service organizations, information security evaluation and certification organizations (including authorized evaluation organizations), social organizations, institutions of higher learning, enterprises and institutions, Obtaining this registration qualification indicates that it has the qualification and ability of information security officer. ISM is different from other information security certification because its experience requirements focus on the implementation of information security manager management.


Other information security certification focuses on specific technology, operation platform or product information, or the initial work of information security work. Only CISM aims at information security managers, and the focus is no longer on individual technology or skills, but on the information security management of the whole enterprise.


CISM is aimed at individual managers who manage and supervise the information security of enterprises. Many of them may have held relevant certification in other fields. Because it focuses on the needs of management, work experience is relatively important. Therefore, CISM requires at least five years of experience in information security management, and the content of the examination is also focused on the daily work of information security managers.


Learning objects:

  1. CIO / Senior IT Manager / enterprise information security director CSO / Director of information center;
  2. Information system audit professionals and it auditors;
  3. Managers and technicians in charge of information system security management and planning;
  4. Information security professionals, it or security consultants;
  5. Any person who needs to manage, design, supervise or evaluate the information security of the organization;
  6. 3-5 years of information security management experience.



CISM emphasizes management experience, and develops around G.R.C in the way of manager’s work practice module at the management level.


CISSP emphasizes professional skills, and develops in the form of practitioner knowledge module around C.I.A.


CISA emphasizes the audit perspective, from the audit point of view, in the form of audit practice module.


Through the above introduction, what are the differences between CISA certification, CISM certification and CISSP certification? I believe you have made it clear. If you want to know more about CISA certification, please continue to pay attention to us https://cciedump.spoto.net/isaca-dumps.php .




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