Precautions to Take When Buying Silver Bullion for Investment

Precautions to Take When Buying Silver Bullion for Investment

Investment instruments are dime-a-dozen in today’s world. New-age options like cryptocurrencies are sending markets into frenzy with rapid growth and valuations. With lockdowns due to the pandemic seemingly far in the horizon, even markets hit hard like real estate are slowly picking up. Traditional instruments like Fixed Deposits hardly even come last on the list.

The one traditional instrument that still holds strong is the precious metal. Gold, silver, and platinum still reign supreme for guaranteed returns despite their continuous value variability. One can’t go wrong by investing in such options through bonds, jewellery, or bullion. They don’t tarnish over time and can be stored safely until later use.

There are some precautions to take while purchasing these though. Bullion particularly can turn into a disaster quickly if proper precautions get ignored during purchase. You can keep yourself safe from being defrauded if you know what to look for. Click here to learn more.

Catching the Silver Bullet

While gold and platinum get much of the press as good investment options, silver shouldn’t be neglected. Its value also rises respectably on a Year-to-Year basis. Silver bullion can give good ROI over the long term, provided you buy it right. Click here to learn more about the buying options, and read on to learn about the precautions.

Check for Authenticity

Several outlets sell silver bullion, and not all give you your money’s worth. Silver’s qualities, like its characteristic colour, and malleability, making it a prime target for adulteration. It could be alloyed with another, less expensive metal with similar properties and passed off as pure silver. This mixing increases weight while decreasing the metal, and thus, the value.

Buy from verified sources to guarantee authenticity. These sellers will have certifications that validate their products. They will even mark their bullion with registered emblems proving the purity of the silver. Especially avoid buying illegal metal.

Verify Weight and Size

Once purity has been authenticated, you must then check for the weight and size of the product. Bullion comes in standard weight and dimensional configurations, making it easy to check for any irregularities.

The standard used for weight in grams, but some sell them in ounces. Be careful about losses that can happen during weight conversions, as every gram counts. Online sellers are notorious for such discrepancies, whether by mistake or on purpose. Immediately ask for a replacement if you find false readings.

Research the Market Thoroughly

The price of silver fluctuates daily and sometimes intra-day as well. A good investment happens when you pick the best time to put down the money for maximum returns.

Study the metal’s trend in both the local and international markets to get an idea of where it has been and where it’s going. Buy it when it dips, and sell it when high. Take the help of an expert if needed.

Keep A Safe

Ensure there is a safe place to store your silver. While a bank locker would be ideal, a safe within the house also helps. It must be discreet and should not be known nor easily accessible to anyone but you or others you entrust.


Precious metals are called that for a reason. They don’t fail as investments unless you fail to procure the right one at the right time. Click here for more on silver bullion.

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