Fifteen Virtual Event Concepts and Standard Best Practices

Fifteen Virtual Event Concepts and Standard Best Practices

The disruption occasioned by the global health pandemic has resulted in a change of how things function. It’s no longer the urge to learn something from a site like  custom essay wriitng service that can propel you into the internet, but almost every daily transaction. Such transactions include events, meetings, learning, etc. Individuals, in other words, have to embrace a bit of tech-savviness to survive and ensure the smooth running of things.

Because of the drastic shift into how things operate as a whole, what event concepts and standard best practices can you benefit from when going digital?

Virtual Event Concepts 

  • Online conference. Organizing an online conference can prove effective in educating a huge proportion of an audience remotely. All you need to do entails picking an appropriate platform to use and the creation of separate sessions for the attendees to select from.
  • It’s a short online event that comes in the form of an online illustration, and can become useful in communicating anything to your intended audience. It can entail a business message, a launch, or anything informative.
  • Online workshop. You can effectively demonstrate concepts such as content strategy, ad, or presentation to students using a virtual workshop.
  • Live stream. It’s possible to host a social media live stream for your virtual event. You need an effective platform and announce the event to your targeted audience before-hand.

Guidelines and Standard Best Practices

  • Develop your virtual event plan. Having a plan should rank as among the first things to consider before delving into organizing a virtual event. It should include the type of event, largeness of the event, cost implications and transferability, etc.
  • Reach out to excellent presenters. You have to research and get top presenters for your virtual event to ensure it becomes memorable to everyone who will attend. Look for experts in your field to give relevance to your event.
  • You have to get sponsors for your event. It crucial for your event to get assistance with the generation of capital and promotions by getting sponsors.
  • Promote your virtual event. It’s an excellent idea to have a marketing or promotional plan for your virtual event. All you need to do entails finding the correct platform to host your virtual event promotions.
  • Tweet your virtual event live by live-tweeting quotes from your event’s speakers. You can obtain the scripts from the presenter before-hand to make the process more tenable.
  • You can also share some little bits of information on social media as the online event proceeds. Such platforms can include Facebook, Instagram stories, or LinkedIn.
  • Display the presentation slides online. It can become easier to teach or illustrate anything to the audience by having every information you need on the presentation deck.
  • Give out the event access every time throughout the year. It can prove useful to give access to information on previous events as you strategize for the upcoming one.
  • Give out diverse access levels, and in this, you can decide to offer a portion of your previous event for free with the other premium portions at a fee.
  • You have to test your tech and software before hosting the virtual event to prevent damaging mishaps during the session.
  • Ensure your event proves accessible to anyone who wants to participate.


The current situation dictates innovation and creativity in their approach to do things. By adhering to these concepts and standard practices, you can rest assured to have a successful virtual event.

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