Shows You Should Watch on Netflix

Shows You Should Watch on Netflix

Gone are those days when we would spend hours or our vacation watching our favourite cartoons or cinemas on TV. Today more than half of the people do not watch Television anymore; instead, they got all sorts of subscriptions of media service providers like Netflix, Amazon, etc. 


These service providers give them numerous kinds of shows in their regional and foreign languages. They provide Not only different types of series but also award-winning movies. So, the next time you get bored, here are few shows that you must binge at Netflix & do not forget to use Hayu promo codes to avail discount on your subscription amount.

The Crown

It is one of the shows that gained much popularity even before it started streaming its episodes. The trailer made a significant impact on the audience, thus making itself one of the loved shows on Netflix. The show portrayed the life & rule of Queen Elizabeth II since she got the throne in 1952. Claire Foy won the hearts of the audience for playing the part of young Elizabeth, later as the plot progress, famous actress Olivia Colman portrayed the role of matured Elizabeth.


Everyone almost watches this show. This show was a part of significant people’s childhood. The show, though, came on TV a long time ago, but Netflix is telecasting it. The play deals with the life of six friends, – Ross, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler & Joey. Besides, it is a complete package; it will make you cry, laugh, sad & happy. And you are going to love the show & fall in love with the characters.


Remember Archie’s comics that we all used to read when we were kids? Well, this Riverdale series is based on that comic. It shows the lives of Veronica, Archie, Betty as they struggle in the town, which has its mysterious criminals. Watch this teenage series & get back your childhood days.


Though this show used to be telecasted in Fox from the fourth season, it was taken up by Netflix. Watch this unique fusion of Lucifer’s mischiefs & the detective of LAPD, Chloe Decker. Tom Ellis & Lauren German as Lucifer & Chloe have slain their roles with their best performances. If you want to watch this particular show on Netflix, use Hayu promo code for students to avail of exclusive discounts.


So, enjoy your days while watching these series, as mentioned above.


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