Fulfilling Careers in Education That Don’t Take Place in the Classroom

COVID-19 has taken the teaching world by storm. Schools across the country are shutting down indefinitely and this is leaving many teachers stuck at home.

Schools are basically incubators for germs, bacteria, and diseases. And it’s very likely that even after this pandemic is through, more educators will be working from home instead of in a physical classroom.

If you’re interested in being a teacher, now’s a perfect time to start looking for careers in education that don’t take place in a classroom. Luckily for you, there are many different types of jobs out there where people can perform their love of teaching while working safely from their home offices.

Interested in learning more? Continue reading and we’ll walk you through the top remote teaching jobs that you should know about.

1. Online Teacher

If you love everything about being a teacher but just feel more comfortable doing it from home, then online teaching may be the perfect fit for you. Many virtual teachers work with home-school students, while others focus on teaching adult students as well as vocational training programs.

While the salaries for these positions can be tough to generalize,  K-12 online teachers will likely be paid less than their classroom counterparts. However, you can get the benefit of living in more affordable cities and not needing transportation to get to work.

It’s important that you find out more about remote teaching before fully jumping into it.

2. Online Tutor

Whether you’re interested in tutoring SAT prep, computer science, or ESL, online tutoring can be a great way to make a lot of money without having to leave your house. Many people treat online tutoring as a side job. If you know what you’re doing and get enough clients, you can have a very easy time making a lot of money quickly.

And with technologies like Zoom and Skype, it’s easier than ever to communicate with students.

3. Online Adjunct Instructor/Professor

It’s hard to come by a tenured position these days. But a major positive of being a post-secondary teacher is that remote instructor/professor positions will likely continue to grow. While the pay may not be super high, you still get the comfort of working from and being more in control of your schedule.

4. Writing Coach

Having good writing skills is crucial to landing a high-paying job. In fact, 44% of employers believe that many grads lack good writing skills. And new grads seem to be happy to pay for help in this important area.

If you’re skilled with the pen, then you can help corporate clients and students improve their writing skills.

Similar to online tutoring, it’s easier than ever to coach writing with modern technology. And most of the work involves sending written projects back and forth anyway.

5. Curriculum Developer

Curriculum developers can be seen as the playwright to the theater that is the classroom. If you have experience teaching in a classroom already, then you already know what does and doesn’t work when it comes to teaching a curriculum. Having an effective and productive curriculum can save a teacher loads of time and benefit everyone involved.

School boards are always looking to improve their curriculums so this is definitely a position that can be considered high-demand.

6. Teaching Materials Provider

If you’ve had a long career as a classroom teacher already, then that means you probably have a treasure trove of knowledge that other teachers could benefit from. There are organizations out there that will happily pay you to share your classroom decorations, activities, and lesson plans.

Don’t let those old stickers and books collect dust in your closet. Give them to a teacher who could use them and make some money too. While you probably won’t get rich off of it, you could still walk away with a couple of hundred dollars a month.

7. Educational Editor/Writer

Many teachers who leave the classroom find a second career in writing educational materials. Freelance editors and writers can expect competitive hourly wages that vary based on the level of reporting/writing that needs to be done, depth of research that’s required, and the intensity of the focus.

And if you don’t like the idea of freelancing, then you can go ahead and find a job at an established company. More and more companies are giving their employees flexible schedules and remote working.

8. Writer/Blogger

As we stated earlier, having good writing skills is extremely valuable these days. If you’re looking to work from home and focus less on the teaching aspects, then you should definitely consider becoming a remote writer or blogger.

When you blog, you can write about topics that you have a lot of knowledge of, including educational topics. You can get started in this field by reaching out to blogging companies or by running your own blog.

9. Educational Consultant

If you’re an entrepreneur and want to really make some serious money, then you should consider coaching administrators and teachers. While this job isn’t entirely remote, you will get to be your own boss and make your own schedule.

The Importance of Knowing About Remote Careers in Education

When you’re looking at different careers in education that interest you, remember that there are many opportunities out there that can be done almost entirely from the comfort of your own home.

Just because the traditional way to teach is in a classroom doesn’t mean that it’s always going to be like that. The important thing is to find the position that best fits the lifestyle that you want.

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