How Plagiarism Free Content Marketing Can Boost Your Digital Business Repute?

How Plagiarism Free Content Marketing Can Boost Your Digital Business Repute?

Famous people from history became successful because of constantly producing brand new ideas. The theory of relativity produced by Albert Einstein was rejected. J.K. Rowling, the writer of the famous Harry Potter was multiple times discouraged for her novels.

The founder of Ali Baba, Jack Ma, struggled in the US when he came there to find a livelihood. Larry Ellison, the funder of Oracle was brought up in slums. Howard Schultz, the ex-chairman of Starbucks was poor in this childhood.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? How is Plagiarism related to the idea of rags to riches?

It is related. We talked about the people to tell you that these people have originality which made them succeed. Their idea was unique and absolutely different.

Competition and Digital marketing

The dawn of the age of capitalism has led to the accessibility of the internet to each and every person. Earlier, the business was conducted in the domestic or international markets.But, the web led to the introduction of the business on the internet. Initially, it was Google which unified the different types of websites together.

Making ways for online businesses to become strengthened. When a few businesses started achieving success, many other people turned their way to digital marketing.
The concept of blogging, video logging, etc. all came into existence. Now, billions of people are involved in it.

Your brand new idea may not be a new idea anymore, because someelse might have already launched it earlier. Or someone might be already working on it. What will you do in this case?Since the internet is an open forum for everyone so your content can be seen by a person sitting in the other corner of the world. You can also access the article written by someone else.

You are human, some greedy temptations can come into your mind. Don’t fall prey to them.You would definitely want to go for shortcuts. Copying someone’s blog is an easy way out. It can also help you achieve success and fame.

But, at the cost of your reputation.

The implementation of illegal SEO practices can be adopted by you but they will have similar negative consequences. For example, you can apply Black hat SEO and as a result, your website will become blacklisted by Google.

Avoid plagiarism

To look for any information on the internet is very easy. But, your skill will be tested when you do not copy anything as it is. You will be considered smart when you don’t plagiarize. In order to keep yourself from being blacklisted in the world of digital marketing. We would suggest you use Prepostseo duplicate content checker. It will help you to maintain the uniqueness of your material on your site.

Rewording is good


When you have found material for your blog or website. Don’t copy the exact word for word. Those words should not be more than two. Consider that the copying of words isa sin.

Citing is professional

Always cite the material to another person from whom you have retrieved the information. Giving credit to them by building links is a smooth way.

Be smart when quoting

Try to prevent using the same words of the person you are quoting. But, don’t misquote.
Misquoting can change the meaning of the quote. The readers and visitors to your site will create a bad impression of yours.

Be innovative

A human brain is composed of millions of cells. It keeps on generating creative ideas. So, be a trendsetter. Don’t copy.

Various kinds of Plagiarism

If you want Google to rank your website on the first page of its search results. Then you must use the non-plagiarized content. Marketers are not often aware of the further details of Plagiarism:

Shortest way                                     

You become so lazy that you copy the work of your competitor as it is. That is like cheating in your exams. Copying what your friend sitting beside you has written in his answer sheet.


Without permission

When you are willing to do marketing with the help of material of someone else without taking their prior permission. The intellectual property rights require you to seek the permission of another marketer.

Montage technique

When you plagiarize by using the thesaurus for the words used by your competitor in his or her content just to keep yourself free from the idea of plagiarism, but the style remains the same.

Accidental Plagiarism

We would consider this as a positive type of plagiarism. Although, no type of it is appreciable. But, we are just considering that because the writer does not plan to cheat. Due to the fact that the idea could match with the idea of a person sitting on another part of the globe.

Slow results and uniqueness

Usually, the path to success is difficult to make your way forward. You might be having a wide array of products to offer to your customer. Your content may be good. But, plagiarism will destroy your image.

The surprising thing is. Police would not come to your house to catch you. But, the hard work that you have done to establish your brand will diminish in a few days’ time. Just because of some form of plagiarism.

So, work very carefully. Don’t think about earning billions of dollars in a day. Give yourself time. It takes ages to build an empire. Produce every content slowly, check again and again if it matches with another material present on the internet.

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