Things your Massage Therapist should know about you

Things your Massage Therapist should know about you

These days what people do is they just visit Massage spa and do not do any kind of research or anything, they just visit and then later on complain that the results were not according to their desires. So, whatever you do, just make sure to do your research on it so that they can have the best experience.

Now, when we are talking about Massage Day spa, then there are few things which your massage therapist should know before they start the procedure, because if they are unaware of the things, then things can go really wrong and you can end up regretting it. So, it is always better to inform beforehand than to regret later on, so there are the few things you should inform your massage therapist at a Massage spa before your session begins;

  • Any sort of Injuries;

If your massage therapist is not aware about your injuries, whether they are old or new then she or he can end up hurting you as massage requires pressure and if that is applied on an injury, which does not require then you can be in deep trouble. Always, tell your therapist about any sort of injuries you currently have or have had, as in many injuries you are not supposed to have a massage right after it, rest is required, and so there are a lot of things which your massage therapist can tell the best. So, do not think that it is not important, just tell and let your therapist decide what to do further.

  • Any sort of Allergies;

During massages a lot of oils and lotions are used, some of them have organic ingredients while others have chemicals as well, so it is always better to inform your massage therapist if you have any sort of allergies, so that they can avoid that particular lotion or oil. If your massage therapist will not know about it and you will get an allergic reaction then you will be the only one at fault as you did not inform and it is really important to inform.

  • Do not Hesitate during your Massage;

What a lot of people do is they do not talk during their massage even if they feel any sort of pain or anything, which is wrong. Usually massage therapists know how much pressure should be perfect but at times they can also go wrong, as they are also humans so there is no harm in communicating your needs and wants, you should tell them when you start feeling pain or uncomfortable. One should not hesitate, the therapist will surely understand and will do what is best for you.

  • Environment Matters;

You go to a Day spa for massage in virgin island so that you can feel calm and relaxed and if you are not feeling that way then it is a fail, so you should inform your therapist if you want dim lighting or a scented candle or anything which makes you feel comfortable and at home. A lot of people like a little bit of music as well, so just tell and do not shy away.

So, these are the few things you should tell your massage therapist beforehand instead of keeping it with yourself. If they will know about your needs and wants, they will be able to provide you with their best services. One thing which you should never do at a Massage spa is that to assume, do not assume things on your own and then come to a conclusion as well, always discuss and communicate with the people involved in it and then decide. I can assure you that fi you inform all of the above mentioned things to your massage therapist, you will end up having a good time and your money and your time will not go to waste. Just remember, to inquire about the Massage spa before booking your appointment, so that you can know what to expect and it will be great if you could go and check out the reviews as well. So, it depends on you whichever Massage spa you want to go for but if you keep these things in your mind you will have a great time. Here at atouch of wellness massage spa center we always take care of these things.

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