Make Your Nepal To Tibet Journey Comfortable By Arranging All Essential Travel Documents

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Tibet, popularly known as the roof of the world, is situated in the lap of the most magnificent mountain in the world, the Himalaya. Nothing is more exciting than planning a Tibet tour, and yes, of course, getting in Tibet from Nepal is another fantastic and adventurous experience. You can be sure that this tour will forever be in your heart and shall be a lifetime experience. Tibet is a cluster of mountains and lakes – where Nepal is rich in the different mountain ranges and their scenery. Nepal is filled with hiking trails and dense subtropical forest, both the countries and the journey between them will remain definitely memorable for your lifetime. To enjoy the trip without any hindrances during Nepal to Tibet tour, you must take care of some essential travel documents which you can consult the reliable and reputed tour operator. The right tour operator will help you in getting all the required documents, along with arranging the required itinerary during your marvelous journey.

Essential Documents You Must Require during Nepal To Tibet Tour

Chinese Group Tourist Visa for Tibet

It is a necessary permit for entering Tibet, and it replaces the standard Chinese Entry Visa if you visit Tibet from Nepal. This visa is provided by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. At this point, you should note that it doesn’t matter what type of tourist visa you have when you were leaving your country, but you must get this visa in Kathmandu. It is worth to note that the time is taken to get this visa range from six to nine days, so it is recommended to reach Kathmandu few days prior to your journey to Tibet. You can get this visa in two-three days also on an urgent application basis, but you will be charged relatively higher in this case. Your tour operator there can help you get a visa invitation letter, which will help you get this visa easily and quickly. The validity period of this visa is 30 days from the date of issuance. Most importantly, don’t confuse with the ‘group’ in the name, you can travel alone also with this visa. For US citizens, the cost of getting this visa is around 140 USD.

Tibet Travel Permit

Also called TTB Permit is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB). You can get this visa quickly with the help of your tour operator. Also, this permit is not valid to roam all across Tibet; you may need some special permit to go to some specific place in addition to this visa. It is suggested to keep at least three copies of this permit if you travel by train to Tibet.

Nepalese Visa

This visa permit is essential if you are planning a Tibet tour via Nepal. To get this visa, you need to fill a visa form at the immigration desk when you arrive in Nepal. The only required document is your original passport and a color passport size photograph. The cost of this visa varies as per the duration of stay in Nepal. It differs from 25 USD for 15 days to 100 USD for 90 days.

To arrange all these visas easily and to make your Nepal to Tibet tour amazing, you should hire a reliable and reputed tour operator.

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