Creative writing for entrepreneurs: Some tips to consider

Creative writing for entrepreneurs: Some tips to consider

Today there are more alternatives we have to make money online. The important thing is that we can make money from the talents we have from the beginning. So if you take it in your pulse, hopefully you will be able to take advantage of all the proposals that we have shared, because that is the idea, improve your economy and accelerate your position as a virtual entrepreneur.

Of course it would be nice to be able to survive thanks to the natural call to write, in some cases more than others, however, for those who have gifts, sometimes finding the right way to turn these efforts into more than complicated benefits, especially in the world virtual. They need many factors such as the prize itself, certain prestige, many people are interested, in short. There are many things … but apart from everything we will never say that is impossible.


Creative writing for entrepreneurs

We entered an era of infusion (so much information poisoning) and the web has accelerated our pace of life. Writing articles on the web is very simple but writing well on the Internet is a little more difficult. We teach you some tips for developing creative writing for the web and attract more readers.

In this digital world, there is a lot of information, we can hardly digest any information that reaches us through the eyes, through the ears and even through the skin. Therefore, Jakob Nielsen has made a study since the late 90s to study user behavior in reading the web.
To summarize, we bring you some concepts in reading the web according to Nielsen:

* 79% of users scan.
* Users scan in the form of computers, laptops and tablets.
* You have 5 seconds to attract the attention of readers on the Internet.
* You have a maximum of 3 seconds to attract the reader’s attention with the title.
* Disturbed when reading on the Internet.
* Reading speed is reduced by 25%.

The basic place for creative writing on the web

The first thing you must have to develop creative writing is your desire to do it and then:

– Write based on SEO: if you are going to write on the web, you need to know the basic rules of SEO to reach more readers, but you must always do it carefully, we don’t want SEO to limit your creativity.

– Keep your orography: even if users don’t write better than you, they, without realizing it, will curse you for some spelling mistakes in your content.


– Interact with those who know: you must know your environment and surround yourself with new trends, tips and tricks.

– Talk about what you know: nothing better than a content written by someone who can explain something complicated in a simple and dynamic way. In this context, hiring a writing custom service is worth to be considered.

– Save on the web: it is difficult to get rid of all the things we like, but to develop creative writing you must choose the really important things and maximize efforts.

– When you write about something that you do not like you notice: we do not suggest you give up but keep in mind that users get an idea of ​​how the author is according to their articles. If you do not know the subject well, learn better and look for other content formats that will help you.

– Know your reader: knowing the receiver of your message helps you improve the topics you talk about, how to transmit them efficiently and when they want it. Writers always imagine a certain type of user when they write, do it too!


Now you got the knowledge…Just practice them!



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