How to Keep Your Self-Storage Units

The sound of silence that is a frightening thing to experience for the new owners of the local self-storage unit. There are no sounds of car doors slamming or better-halves screaming to their husbands something about “that was my Mothers, please be careful!” The units are empty, the coffers are bare, and the eventual death of the business will be at hand, as long as the sound of silence remains. There are many methods to turn the sound up in the business of self-storage. Right here on this page the best ones will be revealed. There is really no reason to search any longer for the best way to make the empty units suddenly become full and the busy sound of “money” will once again be heard.

The empty units can be filled by offering a great product at a fantastic price. That’s the big secret to filling the units and keeping them full. If any other business professional such as the latest marketing-guru, speaks of anything but that, run. Obviously those two factors are the top two methods of keeping the storage units Orlando and the cash register ringing the sweet sound of success, yet there are a few other items that need to be discussed.

The aspect of maintaining safe and clean self-storage unit is paramount to the success of keeping the units filled. A dirty, un-kept unit facility and a landscaping-effort that is well, absent, will only scare the customers away and make the current ones start to shop on the unit owner. Do not allow this to happen since the golden rule or formula of self storage unit filling is that it is ten times easier and cheaper to retain than to accumulate a customer. This rings true in any business venture in any industry in the entire world.

The easiest method of making certain that the facility where the units are located is clean and in working order, is to hire a maintenance man. The expense will be worth it as this full-time or part-time employee will be able to repair and clean the entire self-storage facility. It might be a stretch to enlist the maintenance man with the task of doing the landscaping and the cutting and mowing of the turf around the units, yet it is worth a try. The equipment cost alone may seem to be massive and expensive at first, and they are, yet they will pay for themselves after only a few months of the summer in the expense that is saved from hiring a professional landscape company.

The final method for keeping the units filled will be the safety factor. Lighting, both inside and out, needs to be top-quality and never allowed to be left to chance. The safety that is afforded to both the customers and the staff including the owner, cannot be cheapened are left out of the initial investment figures. There is no faster way of emptying units or not receiving new customers than to have blackened, darkened, spooky corners and angles in the self storage facility. The best lighting for the exterior of the self-storage facility is low pressure sodium. This is a yellowish light that is the favorite of the cities street lighting project. Known for its durability and long-life, the LPS lamps are the least expensive of the HID lighting units. Light them up, keep them lit, and the units will remain full and so will the register.

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