Best hair transplant in Turkey

Best hair transplant in Turkey

Turkey is an extremely popular destination for men seeking high-quality hair transplants with the best clinical services and associated benefits. Many people find that the hair transplant solutions offered by Turkish clinics are far more affordable than elsewhere and also offer much higher levels of surgical expertise.

Women with alopecia will also benefit from a hair transplant in Turkey and will find the excellent standards of aftercare ensure a speedy recovery from the surgical procedure.

Find the best hair transplant in Turkey

You can expect your Turkish hair transplant clinic to have considerable experience in the popular FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques, as these surgical procedures were virtually pioneered in Turkey due to high instances of medical tourism to the country.

Turkey has become the “go to” destination for hair transplant procedures in the past ten years or so and it’s not only due to the cost effective solutions. Many men recommend Turkish hair transplant clinics because they provide the best possible outcomes and effective treatments.

The hair transplant procedures offered in Turkey are the most modern ones on the market, so you can opt for traditional FUE, Sapphire FUE or FUT and have all the confidence in the high success rates offered by these procedures. More than 99% of hair transplant operations are successful and offer you a lifelong guarantee on the durability of your new hairline.

Different Turkish hair transplant clinics

Many of the top hair transplant clinics are located in Istanbul as  vera clinic

so it’s easy to arrange your flights from any global location. You can opt for an all-inclusive hair transplant package which provides all flights, hotel accommodation, interpreters and transfers between the airport, clinic and hotel.

Look for a recognized hair transplant clinic that offers the benefits of international accreditations and skilled surgeons for all transplant procedures. It’s not always a good idea to opt for the cheapest hair transplant service, as this could be second-rate and offer less chances of success.

Some hair transplant clinics may quote cheaper prices; however, if their transplants are priced by the number of implants, you could discover that your cheaper hair transplant features less than half the amount of hair grafts offered by more prestigious clinics.

It’s also important to look for a hair transplant clinic that provides you with comprehensive education on the procedure before your operation. This way, any questions or concerns you may have will be dealt with in advance and you will have more confidence in your surgeon.

What does a hair transplant involve?

Before your hair transplant in Turkey, your clinic will carry out a thorough phone assessment so they can get a good idea of what you actually require. This will also involve sending photos and measurements of your scalp to them.

This way, the clinic will have a better idea of the FUE treatment that will meet your needs and the procedure can be scheduled for the day after your arrival in Turkey.

On the day of your arrival in Turkey, you will have a consultation with your surgeon to ensure that the procedure you have booked is most appropriate for your needs. This gives you ample opportunity to ask more questions and get the information you need about your procedure.

Is FUE the best hair transplant?

FUE (follicular unit extraction) is most commonly offered and is the hair transplant Wayne Rooney opted for some years back. You can choose traditional FUE treatments which utilize stainless steel blades for making the incisions for your hair graft implants, or alternatively choose the premium Sapphire FUE transplants which involve the surgeon making V-shaped incisions using slimmer sapphire blades. With Sapphire FUE, there are even less chances of scarring.

FUT treatments are also available from some Turkish clinics and this involves harvesting an entire strip of hair from an area that has good hair coverage. Your surgeon then cuts individual grafts from this strip and implants one or two hairs at a time. FUT procedures do leave a scar in the place from which the strip of hair is removed, but this can usually be hidden by your remaining hair.

After your surgery, a complete aftercare service will be provided by the clinic’s medical and administrative team and you will be offered all the assistance required to ensure a speedy recovery.

Successful hair transplants are the norm when you opt for the professionalism and skills of a Turkish clinic. You can expect the full results of your hair transplant to be visible around eight to ten months after the procedure has taken place. And, your clinic will likely offer a full lifetime guarantee.

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