Make your Purchase of Fake Green Walls Easier with this Guide

Are you trying some new ideas for the decor of your home or office? What options have you considered? A lot of trouble, isn’t it? So, you must be wondering where to find reliable and cost-effective solutions to glam up your office’ or home’s interior and external decor. This is where we turn towards modernism and abstraction.

Quite confused now, are we? Everything new and in vogue is always acceptable in decor as it speaks of progress and abstraction helps the decor to stand out from tradition and provide an alternative aesthetic appeal. So, is there any way to have both these factors in your decor design? There, is a way!

Artificial Greenery- Is it a Solution?

Have you ever heard of artificial plants? If no then it is time to catch up to the latest trends in home and office decoration, friends! Fake green wall are increasingly gaining popularity in many landscaping designs all over the world. What could be the possible reasons for such overwhelming popularity of artificial greenery in the decoration of offices and homes?

Well, there are some basic reasons for which their popularity can be rightly justified which include cost effectiveness, low maintenance requirements, flexible installation, relaxing and natural view of greenery and noise absorbing capabilities. Let us explore some of these advantages of artificial plants and foliage in detail to provide a reasonable insight for readers.

Reasons to Choose Artificial Green

Indoor and outdoor plants could be used without worries of making a hole in your budget. You must be thinking, how so? The answer is found in their longevity and the maintenance of natural green and fresh appearance of the artificial plants without any additional costs of maintenance, repair or replacement.

The fake green wall does not interfere with the natural space in the concerned establishment and the sunlight entering a room. This makes them ideal alternatives for home decor. The artificial walls are generally associated with noise absorbing qualities which prove to be effective in the case of offices.

Relief from the external clutter in the office environment seems quite enticing and comfortable, doesn’t it? There is no requirement for maintenance in the case of artificial foliage as observed from above. You do not have to worry about watering the plants or clean off the waste such as shed leaves and weeding the plants at regular intervals.

So, with relief from these activities of maintenance, artificial plants seem to be time-saving along with the limited requirement of your efforts. So, if you have been thinking of getting indoor and outdoor plants for your home or office, then there is no reason to worry about an artificial appearance. According to many customers of artificial greenery, fake plants appear more authentic than the real ones! Amazing, isn’t it?

How will I Purchase a Fake Green Wall?

With all these advantages, it is less likely that you would find any shortcomings of artificial plants as distractions from purchasing one. However, it also becomes imperative to have a clear impression of the factors to consider when purchasing an artificial green wall. Let us explore them together to know the right way to purchase a green wall or artificial plants for your home, office or any event.

Calculate your Space

The foremost thing that you should take into account when purchasing a fake green wall is space. The questions that you should be asking at this stage are:

  • How much space do I have?
  • Have you considered a corner in a space or a whole wall?
  • What type of material is in the existing space, i.e., wall or fence?
  • Should the artificial wall be visible?
  • How can you install the wall?

These questions would help you in rounding up on the right estimates for some panels required for the installation. Always remember to go for a consultation with the installation provider of your choice! This helps in obtaining reliable insights into the most feasible choice of artificial green wall or plants for your home or office space.

Find the Right Design

You would find a wide variety of vertical wall garden designs among which a suitable one has to be selected according to the existing decor and design of the selected space. Some of the common types of vertical wall garden designs include the faux ivy look or the lush forest style. The suitable recommendation, in this case, could be for maintaining contrast of the artificial green wall with the surrounding space as well as blending rightly with surrounding vegetation.

Placing it- Indoor or Outdoor?

The next factor that shall be considered profoundly for purchasing an artificial green wall garden is the positioning. You can find indoor and outdoor plants according to your preferences. For example, if you need to install the vertical wall garden outside then, it is better to look for one which comes with UV resistance. Furthermore, UV protection sprays could also serve as crucial instruments in your toolkit to maintain outdoor artificial plants.

Pointers to Select an Installation Provider

You must have obtained a clear idea about the ways to make a reliable purchase of artificial greenery by now, haven’t you? But do you know how to find the right artificial greenery installation service provider to do the job? Here are some pointers that can assist you in rounding up on the best choice for installing your artificial green wall.

  • The variety of artificial plants provided by the installer speaks a lot for its credibility in the market. This would provide you an opportunity to try out unique artificial green wall designs according to your preferences.
  • If the provider facilitates the appropriate product specifications, then it is easy to rely on them for the installation. Details such as protection of materials used in the artificial foliage as well as precautions required for their maintenance are some of the things that should be clarified at the first instance possible!
  • The installation methods adopted by the service provider are the next crucial concern in the selection of an installer for your artificial plants or green wall. Make sure that the methods followed by the provider are aptly suited to your space requirements and specifications.
  • The service provider should be aptly fluent in government regulations about building and construction. This factor plays a crucial role in determining the right places for the installation of artificial plantation.
  • Finally, you should be checking all reviews and customer testimonials of the service provider to reflect deeply into the quality of their service and products as well as pricing. Thus you could be able to verify that your artificial green wall and plants installation would be carried out by a professional agency.

So, get going and choose the right service provider to freshen up the appearance of your space with artificial greenery!


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