Measure Your Organization’s Agility to be Successful!

Measure Your Organization’s Agility to be Successful!

The recent infographic by The Strategy Institute on measuring the agility of an organization in 2019 talked about lot of interesting things. One of them being a survey done by Deloitte, which revealed that 90% of executives believed that ‘agility and collaboration’ are important for their organization’s success.

The infographic also raised an important question, probably which every professional business strategy is asking – how to measure their organization’s agility? Quite an interesting question, considering that every business strategy will be based on how to increase your organization’s agility. The infographic also presented a well-researched and well-drafted solution to the question raised and talked about five important benchmarks that can help you in measuring your organization’s agility.

The five benchmarks being – strategy, process, technology, structure and people. The infographic had also listed some basic pointers under each benchmark. The pointers are the guidelines how one can approach those benchmarks to successfully measure the agility of a company. The pointers under strategy included – shared goals and vision, along with how to anticipate and grasp opportunities. Other pointers talked about how flexible resource allocation and flexible strategic guidance are necessary to ensure that you are able to measure the agility successful.

The second benchmark Process talks about why it is important to have an organized community, shared leadership, entrepreneurial motivation and role flexibility.  Structure ensures that there are clearly defined answerable roles, along with healthy communities of practice. It also talked about the importance of active alliances and ecosystem and hands-on governance. The fifth benchmark –people – is always crucial for organizational success.

The infographic in whole talked about how agility is important for your organization’s success. And if you want your organization to be successful then Map, Mull, Model, Master skills to make it agile with The Strategy Institute.

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