All you wanted to know about Accountant Jobs in the UAE

All you wanted to know about Accountant Jobs in the UAE

Accounting jobs are quite popular in UAE, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There are various types of jobs related to accounting in UAE in banks, financial companies, and other organizations and businesses. therefore according to financial analysts, there is a balanced and stable state budget in the UAE because of the actively developing financial sector of the country. In fact, banking and finance sectors are the major economic sectors, providing a good number of Accountants jobs Accountant jobs in UAE. Also, because the recent introduction of value-added tax (VAT) has also opened up great avenues of employment in this field.

Role of an accountant in accountant jobs in UAE

The job role of an accountant involves performing financial calculations for businesses and companies in a wide variety of industrial domains. Some common duties in accountant jobs in UAE include:

  • Creating sales reports
  • Creating cash flow reports
  • Managing payroll
  • Keeping balance sheets
  • Billing activities
  • Maintaining and managing budgets
  • Keeping a track of inventory and maintaining it
  • Making tax reports
  • Filing taxes for the company or business
  • Generate income forecasts
  • Oversee financial transactions
  • Internal auditing to check whether company policies and relevant laws are adhered or not and so on.

Eligibility conditions

To apply for accountant jobs in UAE, a bachelor’s degree in accounting is necessary. This gives the status as a certified public accountant (CPA). As well as most employers prefer to hire experienced accountants, though entry-level openings are also available. It is necessary for candidates to have the knowledge of accounting software popularly used in the Gulf countries to perform the varied accounting tasks.

Increasing popularity of accountant jobs in UAE

Hiring for accountant professionals with specialist skills in the UAE will continue to be in demand. There are many businesses implementing large-scale projects, including the inception of a new tax system. The introduction of value-added tax (VAT) is thus providing accountant jobs in UAE, including recruitment for financial modelers, tax managers, credit controllers. The prominent sectors recruiting accountants are real estate and development, logistics industries, fast-moving consumer goods. According to experts, with the implementation of VAT, as well as there are not only more finance and accounting vacancies but attractive salaries can also be expected for candidates with the right mix of accounting skills and experience. Accountants with 5 to 10 years’ industry experience are the most sought after for accountant jobs in UAE and candidates with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) experience have added advantage.

According to research, the top 3 most in-demand roles for accountants for large companies in UAE are: Tax managers,

All you wanted to know about Accountant Jobs in the UAE

as well as Financial planning and analysis directors and Credit controllers

Not only VAT implementation, because the other factors contributing to more and more accounting jobs in the Gulf are transforming business according to advancements in technology and giving importance to business growth.

Tips to get Accountant jobs in UAE

Now, that you have come to know the importance of accountant jobs in UAE, let’s give below some tips to get jobs in this field:

  • One of the best ways is to get strong referrals for accounting jobs as well as in the Gulf. Get in touch with Auditors in UAE and try to build a professional relationship with them. You can also associate them with accounting related tasks to get in-hand experience.
  • Increase your networking in UAE, especially with finance and accountant professionals, that means, make the connection with the relevant people.
  • Be a part of accounting seminars, events, and job fairs to apply for as many accountant jobs as possible.
  • Keep updated with the latest news of accounts and finances in the UAE market.
  • Make a relevant CV and apply on focused position, as well as per your skill and expertise.
  • Look for job postings posted directly by the employers. This will enable you to connect to the employers directly.
  • Get in touch with the Human Resource Departments of finance. Because of companies and other businesses where accountants are hired. because, there are companies who do not advertise all recruitment vacancies.
  • Get connected with recruitment agencies that specialize in accountant jobs in UAE.