Having a Business Meet in Bahrain! How to Get Business Visa in No Time

Having a Business Meet in Bahrain! How to Get Business Visa in No Time

Unlike its Persian Gulf neighbors, Bahrain has limited oil wealth and the economy has expanded into banking, other industries and retail business or tourism. Bahrain has recently seen tremendous popularity among industrialists and business persons. There has been a substantial increase in the number of travelers to Bahrain for business purpose. UAE is the only place, where applicants have to face a lot of difficulties in the visa processing due to lack of knowledge.

The visa for Bahrain can only be applied through registered visa consultancy. The business visa has been divided into two sub-categories- commercial visit visa and working visit visa. The designation of the applicant plays the vital role deciding the category of visa. If you are designated in higher post in a reputed company, you will be granted commercial visa and applicants with other designations have to apply for working visit visa.

You can contact your sponsored company to send you the invitation letter bearing the company stamp and registration copy of the company. This is one of the most important documents that prove the authenticity of the purpose you have shown while applying for the visa.

Once you receive the letter, you start preparing for other documents like a cover letter on Indian company’s letter head, passport and photographs. The commercial visit visa also requires a letter from Chamber of Commerce.

Other necessary information you have to keep in mind while applying for visa are as follows:

  • The designation on the cover letter and invitation letter should match
  • The Indian company’s name in the invitation letter should be mentioned correctly and should be written in Arabic language
  • The issue date of both the letters should match
  • The Chamber letter and the cover letter should have company’s round seal on it
  • The letters should be addressed to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia, New Delhi only.

The other requirements may include your educational certificates, a passport with minimum 6 months of validity and if the aforementioned conditions are not applied properly. You might not be able to get visa at any cost. Business visa for Bahrain is not a difficult task, if you have the necessary documents with you. The visa procedures are made easy for people, you just need to be well-aware about various criteria to have a smooth and hassle-free visa application process.

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