Which Airline Has The Best Premium Economy Seats?

Which Airline Has The Best Premium Economy Seats?

TheTopHints If you have the budget to spend a little bit more for comfort, certainly you wish to seek the best premium economy seats in flights. There is no denying the fact that best premium economy seats always come with numerous additional benefits, then whether it’s a complimentary beverage or additional baggage, but the draw factor of premium economy for most customers is a better seat. If we consider the previous scenario, people would only have the option of flying in first class, economy class or business class. But now the time is changing. But here the question that may be confused you is which airline has the best premium economy seats. Well, in this post you will get to know this thing in detail:

Before starting the discussion, first, we should understand what the average premium economy seat provides. According to the traveler“The average premium economy seat is about 18 inches (45cm) wide, with perhaps 37 or 38 inches (93 or 97cm) of pitch (leg-room)”. How TO Make Money Online The Top Hints?

The list of airlines stack up in terms of the best premium economy seats:

·         Cathay Pacific

Seat pitch and width: Pitch is 38″ – 40″ (40″ in A350) and width is 18.5″ – 19.5″ (19.5″ in B777-300ER)

·         Air France-KLM

Seat pitch and width: More legroom and up to one inch (2.5 cm) more room at knee level, so 40 percent more space compared to Economy.

·         ANA

Seat pitch and width: pitch: 38″, width 19.3″

·         Air New Zealand

Seat pitch and width: 42″ seat pitch

·         British Airways World Traveller Plus

Seat pitch and width: pitch 38″, 18.5″ wide

·         Lufthansa

Seat pitch and width: 96cm (38 inches) of legroom, and are a generous 45-48cm (18-19in) in width.



Seat pitch and width: 46 inches and width 19 inches

·         Virgin Australia

Seat pitch and width:  41″ seat pitch and 19.5-inch width

·         Qantas

Seat pitch and width: 38″- 42″ and 19.5″ – 22.8″ (up to 22.8″ in the new Dreamliner).

·         Singapore Airlines

Seat pitch and width: Width between 18.5 and 19.5 inches, pitch (legroom) 38 inches.

·         Thomson Airways

Seat pitch and width: Seats are 38″, the economy is from 32″.

·         Thomas Cook

Seat pitch and width: 35-inch pitch, 19.7 inches width

·         Virgin Atlantic

Seat pitch and width: 38-inch seat pitch, 21-inch seat width

So, at the end we can conclude the winning airline for the best premium economy seats is Norwegian airways as it has a massive 46 inches pitch and a sizable 19 inches wide.

The elegant first-class suites and spacious business class seats always get much of the attention. The airline’s premium economy is an industry benchmark undeniably! That’s the reason the reliable airlines come up with the premium class seats! And in this race, Norwegian is number one. So, next time if you really want to get the premium class seat experience, choose Norwegian airways! We are very sure you will not be disappointed!