Natural Supplements To Delay Ejaculation

What is premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculations are ejaculations that happen too soon for a man and his partner to enjoy sex. Ejaculations are considered to be premature when they occur within 30 seconds to 4 minutes into sex. However, most of the people around the globe tend to agree that any sexual intercourse lasting for less than 2 minutes can be considered as premature ejaculation. It is estimated that a total of 30% men suffer from premature ejaculation at one point of their life or other.

Factors contributing to premature ejaculation:

Premature ejaculation can occur due to many physical or physiological causes. Factors such as age, prostate problem or stress significantly contribute to premature ejaculation. PE may also occur due to medical conditions affecting the urinary system as well as the nervous system. Alcohol, drugs or low testosterone levels can also affect a man’s ability to control his ejaculatory reflex.

best natural supplement for premature ejaculation

What are the natural remedies for premature ejaculation?

There are a plethora of options to help alleviate in the short term, but the most effective methods are natural supplements that have no side effects and work marvellously for premature ejaculation. You can opt for the best natural supplement for premature ejaculation, and you will notice no side effects at all. Some of the supplements include:

  • Hibiscus: 

Adding a few drops of hibiscus flower essence to a ¼ cupful of water can relieve stress and maintain the ability to maintain and control ejaculation.

  • Ashwagandha: 

Ancient Ayurveda has been using ashwagandha as a holistic herb to cure several diseases. The herb is responsible for stimulating neurotransmitters in the brain and so helps to reduce stress and thus better intimacy for sure, giving you the control over your ejaculation.

  • Fenugreek:

Fewer people know that fenugreek is a home to saponins that is effective for release of sex hormones. Thus the compound helps profoundly in the increase of libido and reduces premature ejaculation.

  • Kava:

It is mostly available in the form of pills and powders in the market so you won’t need to put a lot of efforts to find the plant. It helps to slow reaction to increase sexual stimulation, enhances the blood flow to genitals and helps you to maintain the erection for long.

Though the herbs have no side effect, you can always seek medical advice before using the supplement. Even the best natural supplement for premature ejaculation can have adverse effects on your body. In addition to these natural supplements, there are also vitamins like Vitamin C, E and Folic Acid that can help to reduce premature ejaculation

Are there any other treatment options?

If you have been bothering about how to overcome premature ejaculation naturally, then natural supplements are not the only way. You can use behavioural strategies like start-stop and squeeze techniques and can use thick condoms to decrease the sensitivity of the penis.

Pelvic floor exercises that help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles can also enable you to have more control over your ejaculation. There are also medication methods like topical anaesthetics and oral medication like analgesics and anti-depressants that can help you to answer your query about how to overcome premature ejaculation naturally.