What Causes Dandruff and Can You Avoid?

What Causes Dandruff and Can You Avoid?

Dandruff is no less than a challenge in the present era. Everybody is going through some degree of dandruff. It is true that to face dandruff to some extent is common for everyone. But if you are getting extensive amount of dandruff then you have to be watchful about your products.

First you have to know about what are the causes of dandruff and then you have to find out the solutions. Don’t panic because dandruff is not a deadly ailment. But it also does not mean that you relax. You have to do something about this hair condition if you want to ensure that your hair stay safe, clean, hygienic and effective. You cannot take on all those embarrassing moments because of your hair dandruff. After all, it is all about how you keep your hair and what precautions you are taking to ensure absence of dandruff.Remember an itchy or flaky scalp can be a symbol of dandruff, an unfriendly skin condition that doesaffectat least one in two persons at some point in their life.It is a condition that is recognized by white or grey flakes of skin that shed from your scalp and that can mostly be seen on the impacted individual’s hair, their hairbrush and of course clothes.Anyhow, dandruff is an issue that can be triggered by a combination of the ensuing three factors;

  • a microbe that naturally emerges on everyone’s scalp,
  • natural oils
  • An immensely sensitive scalp.

It is a fact that the naturally emerging microbe, Malassezia Globosa is something that is discovered on everyone’s scalp. This is the thing that feeds on naturaloils that is known as sebum in the scalp.  If you are wondering what sebum is doing out there on your scalp then it is present there to keep your hair and the skin on the scalp well-moisturised.As the sebum sheds or breaks down, it generates a by-product that is called as oleic acid. It is projected that fifty percent of people are absolutely sensitive to oleic acid, so their scalp do respond by getting irritated and inflamed. It is an inflammation that causes the scalp to get red and itchy, heading the body to sign to the brain to shack skin cells at a faster rate.It is the shedding that is an attempt to get rid of the nuisance, and physically looks as visible white flakes that most of the times fall onto your shoulders.Ofcourse the root cause of dandruff is always going to be the same but there are other factors also that can exacerbate the condition by making it appear worse.  Some of the factors that worsen the condition are like:

Oily and irritated skin

It is a condition that can affect your scalp and other zones of the body that are extensive in oil glands. These areas can be like the creases around your nostrils, the groin, the backs of your ears and armpits.

Do you have dry skin?

In case you suffer from dry skin or possess a medical condition such as eczema, it is probable that your scalp also gets flaky and dryprobably also itchy. Flakes due to dry skin generally look smaller and less oily.


So, you need to think about the products too that can help like dandruff shampoos, Ketomac shampoo hair loss and so on.

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