Haha, You’re All Wet, Bitch!!!

Bhad Bhabie has new hamburger staring her in the face in the wake of going off on Iggy Azalea at a Hollywood Gathering, viciously assaulting her … with a full beverage! Definitely, she hasn’t come that a long way from her Dr. Phil days.

We got video of Bhabie (nee Danielle Bregoli) going atomic on Iggy Wednesday night inside Boulevard3 in Hollywood. You can advise she was prepared to jump on the grounds that the second she saw Iggy, she emptied a full measure of clear fluid.

It was prompt chaos – Iggy’s group began jawing back and Bhabie’s security held her back. They couldn’t prevent her from running her mouth, however. It’s extraordinary video … when you recollect this is a 15-year-old assaulting a 28-year-old.

The meat obviously began in light of the fact that Iggy talked smack via web-based networking media, saying who might even go to one of Bhabie’s shows. Obviously, Danielle terminated back, Iggy ought to so she could recall what a sold-out show resembles (quality consume, there).

Bhabie was as yet started up when we, uh … gotten her outside, and she demanded “ain’t no one stressed over that f**kin’ digger!!”

With respect to Iggy – this is going to sound bizarre – yet she was absolutely the grown-up. Appearing undaunted, she said she trusts it wasn’t liquor Bhabie tossed in light of the fact that “she’s a little child.” She additionally suggested Bhabie’s age is the main thing sparing her from a container of whoopass. Gee … who’s your cash on?

Sidenote: This all went down at Cardi B’s Mold Nova occasion. Something lets us know, Cardi would give this hamburger her blessing.

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