Is UPSC Exam Very Tough For Students

Is UPSC Exam Very Tough For Students

The competitive exam for any field is never easy. It requires thorough studies and immense practices before the final day to appear those exams.

Out of many such exams, UPSC is one of them. It is counted as one of the most prestigious examinations in India.

Nagpur, an Orange City, is education oriented and has many popular educational institutes in the city. Students from the different regions are looking forward to Nagpur city for further and better education.

Nagpur UPSC coaching classes are popular for providing the tutorials for preparing UPSC examinations.

Is that UPSC examination is tough to crack through? Why many of the candidates fear this exam?

Let’s view on some of the points that might be deciding UPSC exams as one of the toughest exams.

  • Vast syllabus

The syllabus, undoubtedly, for IAS exam is too large. There are emerging various problems in arranging the proper syllabus, which is counted as the biggest issues, nowadays. The first step to prepare for UPSC exam is to arrange right syllabus.

The syllabus contains a diverse range of subjects. In many other exams, there are fewer subjects to cover and prepare.

  • Exam pattern

UPSC exam pattern is literally tough. It contains three steps, UPSC Prelims, UPSC mains, UPSC Board interview. To arrive at the destination, the candidate needs to pass through each step. Each next step is much tougher than the previous one.

The interview step is bit toughest as it not only calculates the written test exam but it measures the candidate’s personality and ability to deal with the situations.

UPSC coaching classes in Nagpur prepares the candidates for each step thoroughly.

  • Preparation time

UPSC syllabus consists of a diverse range of subjects, unlike other exams. Therefore, the candidates take a long duration to prepare for the exam. Nearly year duration is common for every student to well prepare for the exams.

There is no such rule or fixed time for its preparation. It is all dependable on a candidate’s interest and capability. This exam requires a candidate to stay away from the social life and entertainment world for the complete season. They are allowed for small breaks, but can’t take long leave. They need to concentrate and maintain the timetable.

  • Pass percentage

The success rate in UPSC exam is lower compared to many other competitive exams. Each year thousands of candidates are appearing for UPSC exam. UPSC coaching class in Nagpur is preparing hundreds of students with immense effort and vast hope for their success.

In the first stage of UPSC exams, i.e. UPSC prelims, only 25% of the appeared candidates are passed out. These candidates are move on to the next step, i.e. UPSC Mains exam. From this step mostly 15% candidates are selected for the third last round, i.e. UPSC board interview. In the last interview round, there are 50-50 chances to get selected.

After such a long time, tough preparation and the passing hope is 1%. Therefore, the UPSC exam is considered as the toughest exams of all.

  • Determination

This is the exam which demands to throw away all your desires for the luxurious lifestyles including end up to the entertainment world. A candidate needs to maintain and follow the strict timetable for studies as well as balancing good health. If the health gets disturbed, then the whole timetable will be useless. The weak body and the sick mind are unable to prepare for such a high exam.

Determination doesn’t mean just to hold the books 24 hours, but it involves the discipline to maintain the timetable and give no reason to hold one back from attending the coaching class.

This determination is not sold anywhere, but it needs to be built in. It requires being mentally strong to stick to the decision. It sounds easy in the beginning for a few days but gets tougher with the passing days to stick to the timetable without any long-term break.

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