Tungsten CZ Ring- A Perfect Wedding Ring For Men

Tungsten CZ Ring- A Perfect Wedding Ring For Men

With time, the demand for tungsten jewelry is getting popular among both men and women. When it comes to best wedding rings for men, the first thing that will come to your mind is tungsten wedding rings. These wedding rings are an excellent choice for men. These durable rings can keep the polished shine longer than other rings. These are the perfect alternative to the traditional gold wedding rings.

The tungsten wedding rings for men are both fashionable and practical. Where the gold, titanium rings are usually susceptible to damage, tungsten rings are more durable. Tungsten is the second hardest jewelry material after diamond. Talking more about these rings, they are usually made by combining tungsten and carbon.

At the end of the production process, the rings are polished by diamond fitted tools and machines which gives them an attractive look and shine. However, another type of wedding ring called as brown CZ ring, also called as cubic zirconia ring is the new addition to the list of wedding rings. Introduced in 1977, they have become a popular option above the high-cost genuine stone.

Zirconia rings can offer you a lot of advantages

  1. Zirconia stones are available in every corner of the world as the best alternative to diamonds. They are made by fusing zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide.
  2. These are the manmade rings and nor belonged from nature. These are far more abundant than diamonds. That’s why brown CZ ring is quite cheaper than regular diamond rings. For example, you can buy a CZ engagement ring just by spending 100 dollars. But for the similar diamond ring, you will have to spend thousands of dollars.
  3. These rings carry the stones which come in various colours to imitate other stones. You can easily find an imitation of sapphires and emeralds stones.
  4. Talking about the appearance, diamonds, and zirconia stones are quite similar. They are both extremely hard. These rings are flawless which has made the stone eye-clean.
  5. Zirconia stones carry diamond’s flawless, colourless sparkle and attraction.
  6. CZ rings have qualities that are much superior to that of diamonds. Zirconia stones can easily be created to be colourless. Colourless diamond rings are rare and costly. But this offers the best alternative.
  7. These rings have a higher dispersion capability than a diamond. With a higher level of dispersion, zirconia stones offer more amazing sparkle than the diamond rings.
  8. Just like diamond rings, CZ rings come in different types. For example, you can get sterling silver cubic zirconia rings, brown CZ ring, white gold CZ rings and more.
  9. The cost of cubic zirconia rings which are the best tungsten wedding rings for men steadily decreases over time as the technology is changing. This makes the best quality rings more affordable.
  10. CZ stones can be cut in the same ways as diamonds. That means you will get a perfect ring for your special occasion.
  11. The cubic zirconia rings much better than the diamond rings in both price and appearance. That’s why these are the great gift you can offer your friends and loved ones.
  12. These rings never tarnish, completely hypoallergenic, scratch resistance, lighter than other material and look beautiful when set with a gemstone.

These are not the genuine stones but are a highly chosen alternative. The reason behind this is their close resemblance. Their price also adds to their popularity among most of the consumers.

The tungsten wedding rings for men can be purchased in most of the jewelry store. These rings can be found at hundreds of online jewelry retailers. If you don’t have a big budget but badly need a ring check go for these rings. All you need to choose the best rings for your wedding.